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  • The New LG Mini
    Posted on February 15, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    LG has announced its new cellular phone, the LG GD880, also known as the LG Mini.  The cellular phone is perhaps one of the slimmest and tiniest touchscreen smart phones that you will be able to find.  Do not let its size fool you though, as it is loaded with many features.

    This  LG cell phone is based on information it has gathered from actual users that are not pleased with the high priced and bulky phones that are around right now.  This phone is easy to keep in your pocket and comes with a great price.  It has that sleek and slim look as well.

    LG Mini photos

    It has textured metal trim that gives it that touch of elegance.  It has a 3.2 inch screen that goes to the edge of the phone.  The phone has fast web browsing and will keep you synched with all of your social sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  It also comes with a 5 megapixel camera.  It uses the HSDPA connection at 7.2 Mbps and has Wi-Fi.

    It will also have the microUSB and will use the 2.1 Stereo Bluetooth.  It also has the video playback, MP3 player and FM radio.  The LG Mini has a microSD memory slot and has 100 MB of internal memory.  It uses the A-GPS real time locator as well.  It has all of those useful accessories like the alarm, calendar, to do lists, calculator and tasks.  You can voice record and it has a speaker phone.

    We should begin to see this cellular phone be released sometime in March.  It will probably be released in the European market first.  Good news for the North American market though, you should be able to purchase the mini LG cell phone unlocked soon after its release.  It is promised to be an affordable phone; at least this is what LG is saying.  We will have to wait until March to find out.

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  • This past week, RealVNC released the VNC Viewer.  This application for the iPhone 3Gs unlocked will give users the ability to access and even control their PC or laptop computers.   You can do this from just about anywhere.  It is downloaded at the Apple App store and it will run applications, access documents with any Mac, Windows, Linux or UNIX computer.

    The Apple iPhone have just become mobile troubleshooters.  Just imagine that you can test, install, uninstall programs, and check desktops or servers and other issues.  This will be terrific for those system managers.  They will no longer have to run to the office to fix a problem.

    People using this application on their iPhone will need to make sure that they are using VNC Enterprise Edition on their personal computer or laptop in order to be able to access it.  Since it has very intense security features, you will not have to worry about that particular issue.  Using your mobile device, you will be able to use touch, tap and drag to access features of the computer.  It also has the mouse mode if you are more comfortable with this method.  You will be able to scroll left, right, up and down as well as be able to scroll, all from your touchscreen.  You simple enter text right from your touch screen or slid out keyboard.  There are also buttons for shift, Ctrl, Alt and delete, just like your PC or laptop keyboard.

    This really makes the iPhone a mobile office.  To be able to remotely access all of the information on your computer will enable you to be much more productive.  With a $10 price tag, this makes it one of the best applications as of yet.  How many times have you wished you had a document with you at home?  Now you will be able to remotely access it with a touch of a button.

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  • Touchscreen Sales Continue to Rise
    Posted on February 11, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    There are some very interesting numbers coming in from Canalys that shows us some info about the sales of touch screen smart phones. This reports shows that over 50% of the smartphones sold around the world have touchscreen features. It is no real surprise that Apple iPhone 3GS unlocked remains the leader, even though they really only have two mobile units. But what is interesting is that Nokia is not that far behind them. This is most certainly putting some pressure on Apple to keep on top of their game. The other companies such as HTC and Samsung still have quite a ways to go to catch up. This should indicate that we will see more touchscreen updates and releases this year. We should also see Samsung increase its market share since they did much better in 2009. The big news is looking at Nokia N900 cell phone and their percentage of increase over their shipments of 2008. We can expect Nokia to make a major presence in the market in the coming months. Does this mean that they will over take Apple? It is hard to say, but 2010 should be a very interesting year for all of the companies.

    When we take a look at the OS systems for the smartphones, Symbian is still in the lead, but they did not experience much growth. Apple and Google could both be real contenders on overthrowing Symbian over the next few years. The amazing success of Google Android OS could see them overtaking Microsoft very soon. It must be discouraging for Microsoft to see their market share go done. Hopefully some of their new releases will be exciting enough for them to stay in the game.

    It will be interesting to take a look at some of these numbers at the end of this year. We may see some upsets and some very surprising statistics. At the very least, the number of touchscreen phones should go well over 60% of the number of mobile devices sold. This will surely be a great year for the mobile phone industry.

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  • Take a Look at the Sony Ericsson Aspen
    Posted on February 9, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Sony has done it again with the release of the Sony Ericsson Aspen has added another trademarked GreenHeart smartphone to its resume. The Aspen phone made of recycled plastic and water-based paint, also has power saving modes and comes in packaging that has been recycled. This does not undervalue the powerful punch that this hand held mobile device has contained in it.

    Sony Ericsson Aspen White Silver Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    The Aspen, also know to some as Sony Ericsson Faith is powered by Windows 6.5.3. It has successfully integrated a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard that function much better than previous attempts. This phone is literally an office on the go. Preloaded with Microsoft Office Mobil, Outlook, and a PDF reader the quick touch display easily enters memos, and emails with speed and accuracy. The pan and flick coupled with a drop and drag icon application is the first of its kind to utilize a finger friendly multitouch platform.

    An Internet Explorer page load with IE memory management offers many office functions as well as social networking. The phone is preloaded with Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, twitter, CNN, YouTube, and Skype, now that is a powerful punch. The 3.2 megapixel camera takes sharp photos you can email or send to your computer. A 3.5mm audio jack with WiFi and microSD expansion will be sure to please your listening needs. The Aspen’s full sized screen will provide you with GPS through Google Maps to your destination.

    At a time when any attempts to go green is appreciated by many, this phone also offers a style and beauty all its own. Black, silver, and white are the colors the Aspen phone is available in. Make sure to purchase a clear screen cover to protect your investment of fingerprints and scratches. No matter if you purchase a cell phone plan or an unlocked phone, Sony Ericsson Aspe unlocked and Windows 6.5.3 have come together to offer a smartphone business package for cell phone users that will hold the test of time, for cell phones, and make its mark on the industry.

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  • For a really great smartphone the Samsung 1637 Jack is the latest in the Samsung Jack series. It is a functional, sleek business phone and Samsung’s answer to Blackberry. The comfortable fit the phone has is just the beginning of the business sense this phone can mean to off premise work solutions.

    Preloaded Microsoft Office Mobile Suite and Outlook Mobile support many business applications. Scheduling contacts, email, RSS, and IM Clients is a snap with OM support and improved browsing with Internet explorer will also help you Manage Word, Excel Power Point, and Documents. Document storage with memory up to 4GB handles easily Word editing and PC transferring of files. While browsing through your business proposals, a light touch will allow you to scroll through text, or entire pages. A laptop can be replaced effortlessly for all the hand help capacity this unit posses.

    Lightning fast email and text messaging to deal with client or personal communications is a function asset that includes some other preloaded features. Those features include speed dialing, voice commands, and ATT Video Share enable video calling. Another must for any business application is three way calling, and conference calling, with the touch of a finger you can enable speaker phone for an office conference call.

    Samsung I637 JACK 3G NAM Black AT&T Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    For your down time, or just the need to get caught up on things, some other preloaded applications. MobiTV will get you caught up on news, sports or that favorite tv show. MyCast Weather for your local or travel weather forecasting needs. Live eBay auction site for selling or buying is also handy on your Samsung 1637 Jack, as well as easy to access Mobil Banking. With all this and more, this unlocked phone can make your business and personal life a little more manageable.  Oh, and by the way, it looks sleek and modern, too!

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  • Google and the Super Bowl
    Posted on February 8, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    There were a few things I noticed last night while watching the Super Bowl. I personally thought that many of the commercials fell flat. I most certainly expected a bit more flash. The Vizio ad was stunning and of course Betty White was hilarious. But one of the most surprising things was the Google Ad. This was certainly an unexpected ad coming from the company that does not spend any money on television advertising. The story it told was really fun and full of nice sentiments. We watched someone’s life unfold through Google searches.

    I thought that they should have used a cell phone using Google search and the Google map application on the Nexus One phone. This could have been a great way to highlight their search engine on the cell phone. Most everyone already knows how to Google, but everyone may not know about the Google options for their cell phone. But it was certainly fun to watch and created quite a stir that they even placed an ad during the Super Bowl.

    HTC Google Nexus One Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    I also thought it was really cool that as the New Orleans Saints were running onto the field at the start of the game that some of the coaches were taking either pictures or videos with their cell phones. This just goes to show you how far we have come in regard to cell phone technology. The clarity and how easy it is to use our cell phones, like the Nexus One, to take great pictures and video is replacing the need for a bulky camera. I am sure that with a 5-megapixel camera, that they got some great shots, and with a touch of a button, they can share those pictures quickly.

    The game was exciting to watch and most of the commercials were good. The Google ad and the David Letterman spot were both surprises and made for a great night of football. I cannot wait until next year to see what the Super Bowl will bring.

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  • Text Messaging Etiquette
    Posted on February 6, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The double set of rules that text messaging has had, tweens vs. adult, seems to have blown up in our faces. While text messaging was just beginning, our teens had it all figured out and a language to go with it. The problems began when in no time, our tweens became adults and the etiquette rules are a quite a few years behind in concern.

    Sure most adults understand texting while engaging in conversations with other people, out on a date, while others may be sleeping, or before someone has had their morning coffee is not OK. But there are a huge number of adults that have not been adults for very long. Texting all night long is probably a crime comparable to the phone cord pulled into your bedroom, or that first iPhone unlocked cell phone under your covers so your parents would not know you were talking to your best friend for hours at a time. So, to try to understand, tween habits die hard and hopefully a little guidance from some not-so-tween adults can help.

    On a personal level: Text message etiquette while you are with other people, dining, talking, or just hanging out watching a movie or the game on your tv is to enjoy the actual people you are with. If you really cannot live without your text buddy for an hour or two, then go be with them and leave the rest of the one-on-one interactors on their own. An occasional text is fine, especially when you get a new Apple 3G iPhone, but a steady stream of texting when with other people is just simply rude.

    On a business level: You will not get a job if you check your phone for a text while interviewing. Shutting your phone off for an important interaction is the best policy. Texting at work is unacceptable, if you are getting paid by the hour forget it. Although some employers do use texting for communication, drawing a business and personal line in the sand will keep your sanity in tack for both parties.

    Texting may be common sense for some, but when you grew up with the words unlimited text messaging being a literal meaning as an adult you may need some help. Perhaps some day these suggestions will be outdated and totally wrong, but today we still need to stick by some standard of text message etiquette for people to follow.

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  • Cell Phone Legislation is Coming
    Posted on February 5, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    It looks as though we may see national legislation dealing with the use of cell phones while driving this coming year. It’ll probably be tucked into one of the highway bills that will be passed later in the year. This is the speculation coming from the National Safety Council. They have been pushing for cell phone bans while driving much more adamantly.

    They are actually looking for a total ban on cell phone use. This includes those using a handheld or even the hands free cell phones. They are basing their recommendations on some of the research that they have been reviewing. They are citing a study by the Harvard Center for risk analysis that says about 6% of accidents can be associated with cell phone use.

    With over 270 million mobile phone users, including unlocked cell phones, in the US, it is safe to say that probably over 80% of them use their phones while driving. I do not think that some of these statistics are out of line, but I think that may be the extent of the recommendations of banning cell phone use even if you use a hands-free device such as the Bluetooth headset, is harsh. If we begin to think about how many things we do in the car besides talking on the phone, we may even see legislation banning listening to the radio or talking to somebody in the passenger seat. All of these things can also be very distracting. I certainly agree that texting while you drive is a set up for an accident. I also think that holding the phone while you’re driving is also distracting. But I do know that a hands-free device that allows you to control your calls through voice activation is as safe as changing your radio station.

    I am sure that the ban will not include hands-free use, but we should all try to stay on top of the news and to make sure we let our opinions heard. We certainly do not want accidents to be attributed cell phone use, and most certainly are new drivers should not engage in anything that would distract them from properly and safely, learning how to drive. Many of our states have already implemented some form of cell phone ban and the rest of the country will probably soon follow suit. Make sure that you have your Bluetooth or other hands-free devices now before many of the bans are in place.

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  • Google has announced that it is offering an updated version of its mobile map applications. This is available for many users of the 3.4 version on their phones. This newer version is for use with the android platform. It has many new features that will enhance the map using experience. This also comes on the heels as Google announced a software update for the Nexus One. This software update began setting the stage for Nexus One users to be able to get some of the enhanced features with Google maps.

    The biggest thing about this update is it becomes much better to synchronize some of the operations between your PC and your mobile phone. Like so many people we sometimes search for something at home, get in the car and because we didn’t write it down, we forgot where we were going. We could send a message to ourselves, but that seems silly, since our phone and our computer should be able to talk each other better. This is why Google has introduced the new software to be able to use personalized suggestions and starring features for Google maps on your Android.

    HTC Google Nexus One Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    You will be able to pull up your searching history from your cell phone to be able to see some of the places that you wanted to go. With the starring feature, you can actually save this information and be able to access it at any time. This will show you some of the details about the business or restaurant that you want to visit. Not only will you be able see this on your mobile phone, but you will also be able to see it on your desktop computer.

    To use the feature, you will have to be signed into your Google account and your web history needs to be turned on. Many people that own Nexus One unlocked phones will be able to download the update at any time. For any other of the android cell phones, you will be able to get it directly from the Android market. This is a really cool feature that can make life a lot more simple. I cannot tell you how many times I have decided to go somewhere, thought I knew the address, got in the car, started driving and did not know where I was going. This should be able to help make life a lot easier and getting places much more simple.

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  • Great Ideas For Valentine's Day!
    Posted on February 5, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Okay guys, Valentine’s Day is coming. Hopefully you already ordered the flowers and they are set for delivery. But maybe you should go a step further. You know she needs a new cell phone. So why not surprise her and get one of the beautiful pink cell phones. What a great way to let her know that you love her. You can even set up the screen with a picture of you with the message, I love you. This just does not have to be for your girlfriend or wife, you can also get a new phone for your daughter, mother or grandmother. By taking the time to personalize it proclaiming your undying love, you will most certainly take them by surprise and let them know that you have gone the extra step.

    LG Mobile KP500 Pink Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    Well, the question is which one should you get. Perhaps for your daughter’s first phone you may want to consider the LG KP500 Pink cell phone. This is a great phone because it has all the things your daughter wants a phone. It has the 3.15 camera, the FM radio, and that all-important MP3 player. It’s very easy to use with its 3 inch touchscreen. It has plenty of storage and with the stylus pen, she will be able to edit the many pictures that she takes. The bonus is the phone is a beautiful shade of pink.

    Nokia 7230 Pink Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    You now need to begin to think about your wife or girlfriend. A great phone for her may be the Nokia 7230. This slider phone is great way to be able to take pictures as well as to e-mail and instant message. This slider phone that has 3G ability comes with plenty of talk time, so she will not have to worry about her battery dying right in the middle of a conversation. The design is sleek and clean and with all of the right pink highlights.

    It is not too late to order and get your unlocked cell phone delivered just in time for Valentine’s Day. You have ample time to get it all set up and ready so all she has to do is open the box and start making calls and accessing all of the wonderful features.

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