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Moshi for iPad
  • Christmas is coming soon and PureMobile knows that. Because of that, PureMobile will be offering cases from many leading phones at 20% off over the course of the holiday season. The first phone on the docket is the LG G2. Right now on PureMobile, save 20% on all LG G2 cases including cases from LG, Otterbox, and Incipio. In addition to the savings available on PureMobile, we are offering free shipping until Christmas. That means we are saving you money both in the form of exclusive savings, and shipping costs. With that in mind, here are three LG G2 cases available in this promo.

    LG Folio Case

    Protect your LG G2 in style. This case is the perfect flip case for your LG G2. Made by LG for LG, this Folio Case protects your phone while making it even more useful thanks to the flip cover adding new features to your phone. This case is made with high quality materials and protects from dust and scratches.

    Otterbox Defender G2

    Protect your LG G2 with the legendary protection of Otterbox and the Defender Series. This case uses a multi-layered design to protect your phone from the elements and physical damage. This case features a built in screen protector, defending not just the body of the phone, but the screen as well.

    Puregear Slimshell

    Express yourself with our vividly colored slim shell line. Each case is incarnated with fresh flavors from smooth blueberry cream to juicy raspberry melon. Go ahead, pick your flavor for your LG G2 today. This case protects from daily wear and tear in style and combines rubber and flexible polycarbonate to protect your LG G2.

    This deal runs until Thursday, so check out PureMobile, pick up a case for your LG G2, and enjoy free shipping and great savings from PureMobile.

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  • Winter is quickly approaching and that means it's time to start thinking about colder weather. Now, how many times have you fumbled your gloves digging your phone out of your pocket? Or dropped your phone because your hands are shaking from a stern Winter breeze? Glider Gloves aims to solve that problem by making a touchscreen glove that can keep you warm and keep your hands useful if your phone goes off in the middle of a winter walk. Glider Gloves are offered in two very unique configurations, giving you options depending on how cold it gets or how thick of gloves you really need. PureMobile will show you these two models, the Winter and the Urban, in this blog. Here's to a safe winter of texting!

    Winter Model

    Winter Glider Gloves are the warmest touch screen compatible gloves for men and women. Constructed with high-quality conductive materials, you can use not just your fingers, but any part of your hand to use your smartphone on the go. With best in-class accuracy and precision, your frozen fingers will warm up to the idea of touch, tap, text, pinch, and glide this Winter!

    Urban Model

    Urban Glider Gloves are thinner, lighter, and streamlined touch screen compatible gloves for men and women. Control your phone with accuracy and precision using these thinner gloves in any weather. These gloves feature an anti-slip palm that makes it easier to hold your phone when the temperatures drop. These gloves are finished with folded cuff to give your already useful gloves a sense of style for the Holidays.

    Glider Gloves are available in many different sizes from PureMobile. They range from small to extra-large and can fit on any person's hands with comfort. Enjoy talking and texting this Winter with these high-quality gloves from Glider Gloves.

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  • PureMobile is offering scary deals in anticipation of Hallowe'en. Emailed out in our monthly newsletter, which can be subscribed to at the bottom of our homepage, PureMobile is offering deals on accessories for three of our top devices. Check out deals for accessories for the Apple iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4, and HTC One. Look below to see the amazing deals we are offering, and try to stay away from PureMobile's tasty Hallowe'en treats!

    Griffin Survivor For The Apple iPhone 5S

    The Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 case is a stylish cover that can make your iPhone more attractive and elegant looking than ever. In today’s world, fashion is also a mentionable thing that is applicable for iPhones and this case is the style that is still missing from your bold iPhone. This case is now available for a scary low Hallowe'en price and is marked down over 50%. Check it out in on our newsletter now!

    Samsung Flip Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4

    Take the back cover off and snap the case back on. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Flip will protect your phone from scratches, damage and bumps with the thinnest case possible. We've scared 30% off the price of this cover in time for Hallowe'en. Check it out now!

    HTC Double Dip For The HTC One

    The HTC One is a scary good phone. Check out this dual coloured case for the HTC One in our special newsletter and save $10. This deal is only available for Hallowe'en and will only last until the end of the week.

    This special will only last until the end of the week so get on your demon, ghoul, or other beast, and get over to PureMobile to seize these prices. Once again, these prices will not last forever so head over to PureMobile, if you dare!

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  • PureMobile is very excited to be carrying dbrand accessories. A maker of high-end vinyl skins, dbrand has become a huge name in device accessories. Specializing in creating skins that defy what you think is possible, dbrand takes normal cases and skins and blows them out of the water with supreme design, unique textures, and just all around coolness. Check out our four favourite skins for the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Nexus 4.

    Apple iPhone Full Body True Colour Red

    This red 3M Vinyl skin for Apple iPhone 5 and 5S is dynamic. This colour is bold, expressive, and will make your phone stand out. Like all dbrand skins, this skin has a precise fit and is made with the highest quality materials.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Full Body Black Carbon Fibre

    Take all the great things about dbrand cases and then put a spin on it, that's what this skin accomplishes for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Made with 3M Vinyl, this black carbon fibre case is very stylish and gives your smartphone a look that screams fashion.

    HTC One Full Body Black Titanium

    Once again made with 3M Vinyl, this black titanium skin makes other cases look like plastic with its hardened looks and serious style. This HTC One skin compliments the metallic constriction of the already sturdy HTC One, and amplifies it with this skin from dbrand.

    Nexus 4 Back Wood Brown

    For those who want something completely different, check out this all-natural look from dbrand for the Nexus 4. This back cover wood brown skin is made from 3M Vinyl and gives your phone a look like no other. Perfect for those who prefer the down home look on their 21st century device or those who simply want to show off their wild side with this wood brown skin.

    Like these colours? The good news is PureMobile has all these colours and many more available all four of these high end phones. Check them out now!

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  • Apple today announced the latest addition to the iPad line, unveiling the new Apple iPad Air and the the Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display. Both feature some of the new advancements we saw with the latest generation of iPhones and the all-new IOS 7. One thing is certain though, these new iPads are thinner, faster, and lighter than their previous editions and represent a huge jump for their respective lines.

    The iPad Air

    The iPad Air features a 9.7 inch Retina Display screen, making this display just as nice on the eyes as the previous generations equipped with the ground-breaking display. This screen is centred into a 9.4 inch body that is just .29 inches deep. The total weight? Just one pound.

    Inside the new iPad Air is the A7 chipset found within the iPhone 5S. This 64-bit chip is based on desktop technology, bringing the tablet even closer to replacing your traditional laptop or desktop. In addition to the A7, the iPad Air also features the M7 Motion Chip, introducing a world of possibilities app-wise. Other hardware improvements include MIMO, which improves wifi speeds, and an impressive ten hour battery life.

    In addition to these new features, there is a bevy of new features being introduced on the software side, including improvements to the iLife and iWork suites that take advantage of the A7 chipset and its desktop and laptop friendly architecture.

    The new iPad Air Launches on November 1st.

    The iPad Mini with Retina Display

    The very popular iPad Mini line also received an update. This came in the form of the addition of Apple's legendary Retina Display. This increases the iPad Mini's screen resolution exponentially, and also puts it in line with the iPad Air, meaning developers will have an easier time developing apps for both devices.

    This 7.9 inch tablet will be available later in November and promises to be a hot item from Apple.

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  • Tylt is a refreshing brand proudly carried by PureMobile. While PureMobile carries a ton of chargers for both the car and home, most chargers are pretty generic. Many are black, many have coiled cords that spring around, and many offer few options in terms of usability outside of charging. Well, Tylt changes the game. On top of being a strong charger, Tylt chargers offer a variety of unique options. Tylt have chargers that coil up, that split into a Y, and cords that are shaped into bands. All these unique features come with the flexibility of multiple colours. Take a look at PureMobile's selection of Tylt accessories and see what you're missing!

    Tylt Band Car Charger Micro

    Charge two devices at the same time with the Tylt Band Car Charger. This charger is built to wrap up and store conveniently. Featuring a silicone body, this charger is very flexible and user friendly. This Micro USB charger features an additional USB charger enabling you to charge two devices at the same time.

    Tylt YCharge Lightning

    Like the Band Charger, the YCharge allows you to charge two devices at the same time in your car. This dual USB charger uses a unique Y shape to make charging two devices very simple and clutter-free. This charger allows you to use your own cables to charge your devices, making you the master of your own mess. Great for travel with a car full of people using smartphones and tablets.

    Tylt Band Car Charger

    Like the Band Charger before it, this Band Charger from Tylt features Apples new Lightning ports allowing you to charge new Apple devices including the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and new iPads. Once again, this charger rolls up and offers an additional USB port to charge almost any USB enabled device quickly and easily in the car.

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  • Sonim is a maker of the most rugged phones and phone accessories. Specializing in phones that are designed to survive just about anything, Sonim designs phones built for industries such as construction, oil, gas, chemical operations, utilities, forestry, agriculture, and defense. In addition to being physically strong, Sonim phones feature applications such as push-to-talk, man-down safety services, and mobile resource management. But, with any great phone comes great accessories. PureMobile carries several official Sonim accessories including cases, chargers, and belt clips. Check out below to see what PureMobile is carrying and a review of just what exactly they are capable of.

    Sonim Car Charger

    This charger features a compact and durable design with a custom-designed 3.5 mm jack. The cord for this charger is a coil cord that extends up to 10 feet, making it usable from a decent range. This charger is designed to provide your Sonim device, and its high capacity battery, with a rapid charge.

    Sonim Travel Charger

    A charger can be just a standard device to power up a battery unless it has some serious power and durability behind it. With the Sonim Travel Charger that is exactly what you will get. The quality design allows for a tough charger that can power up Sony batteries quickly and consistently so you get a long lasting charge. It also has a long cord that allows for maximum reach in order that the device can be powered from farther away.

    Sonim Belt Clip

    This custom-designed belt clip is built to provide the best grip on your phone. This belt clip also allows you to access all the keys buttons and ports on your Sonim phone.

    Sonim Rugged Utility Case

    If you are looking for a case that is going to keep your Sonim XP1 and Sonim XP5520 Bolt phone protected, this case is the way to go. Not only does it offer a rugged look to it, but it is durable allowing you to get the protection you need while offering a simple design to it. This belt clip offers a 180 degree rotation system which allows you to insert and remove the pouch with ease. The magnet front flap and snap buttons allow for adjustability so you can use this case with a number of other phones and in different positions.

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  • Apple will be holding an event on October 22nd, but just what they are announcing is something of a mystery. The obvious contender is the iPad. Both the iPad and the iPad Mini are due for upgrades and if you follow the bread crumbs, it should be clear what kind of upgrades we are looking at.

    A7 Processors

    At last month's iPhone 5S and 5C event, Apple showed off their all new 64-bit A7 Processors. It is highly likely that any new iPad or iPad Mini will feature this new processor as Apple strives to set the 64-bit processor as the new standard in smartphone and tablet tech. The A7 chip basically doubled the speed of the Apple iPhone 5S over the older iPhone 5 and that kind of jump in speed should be expected for the new iPads as well.

    Retina Display

    While the latest iPad already features the Retina Display, the iPad Mini is still stuck in the stone-age of screen technology. It should come as no surprise that Apple will find a way to cram Retina Display tech into a smaller body. This will be a huge step for the iPad Mini line and will further establish the Mini as a bonafide tablet, and not just a shrunken iPad.

    Other Possible Announcements

    It is a foregone conclusion that any upcoming Apple event will also spotlight the release of Apple's OS X Mavericks Operating System for laptop and desktop computers. Developers already have their hands on what Apple calls the "Golden Master" version of the OS, meaning that it's ready to go.

    Additionally, It is expected that Apple will be refreshing the MacBook Pro, souping up their Pro line with the MacBook Air's Haswell Processors. These processors are incredibly efficient, and stretched the MacBook Air's battery life beyond 12 hours. This will give the heavyweight lifting Pro the endurance of the marathon running Air, really pushing the MacBook Pro to new limits.

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  • PureMobile is always looking to build its catalogue of brands. While some heavy-hitters like Apple, Samsung, and Sony will always be present, it's often the smaller companies that can drive innovation in different and exciting ways. Take the three we are going to look at. iOttie is a manufacturer of device mounts that take mounts from your car and expand on their use by making mounts for desks and bikes. Lunatik make high quality styli for different applications. MiPow is a leader in portable power accessories. All three brands are very exciting and now it's time to look at the products that inspire this excitement.


    Founded in 2010, iOttie is a maker of high-quality car mounts. These mounts go beyond just securing your device in your car, but open up the opportunity for you to attach your smartphone or tablet to your desk or bike as well. iOttie's mounts feature a one-touch system that lock your device into the mount safely and securely. Here is a look at our favourite device from this brand.

    Visit PureMobile for more information about the iOttie iPad Desk/Car Mount.


    Lunatik made their mark on Kickstarter, successfully funding their first major product, a watch kit for iPods. Since then Lunatik has been plying their trade on products such as styli. PureMobile now carries three different variations of their styli and can't wait to see what this artistically driven brand has up their sleeves.

    Vistit PureMobile for more information on the Lunatik Alloy Touch Pen.


    MiPow is a leader in the manufacturing of portable power accessories. Licensed by Apple, MiPow is growing in name as their products begin to speak for themselves. Featuring portable chargers with lightning capabilities in addition to high capacities, MiPow is a brand worth keeping an eye on as the portable power sector continues to rise in prominence.

    Visit PureMobile for more information on the MiPow Power Tube 5200.

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  • The Samsung Galaxy Gear is the first smartwatch from Samsung. Unveiled alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, The Galaxy Gear is designed to work with the hulking Note 3 and, eventually, the Samsung Galaxy S4. This device aims to reduce your dependence on your smartphone by taking functions that usually require you to pull out, unlock, and power up your device and making them doable by looking at your wrist.

    The Samsung Galaxy Gear gives you the ability to handle phone calls and answer text messages without pulling out your smartphone. While it doesn't presently support email or social media, the number of apps available for the Gear is expected to increase after the smartwatch hits the market.

    Aesthetically, The Galaxy Gear is a very well put together device. It features a button-less front, a brushed metal finish, and a black rubber strap. This combination makes for a very solid package overall. The device features just one button. This button powers up the device with a single click, or activates the voice command features with a second click. It also comes in a wide variety of colours, but we are particularly fond of the black and silver finishes. Overall the look of it walks the line between being nerdy and professional, but should be universally accepted in terms of its looks.

    The screen itself is a 1.6 inch touchscreen. While that seems on the small side, the screens 320x320-pixel resolution is nothing to laugh at. Small text looks sharp and there are no problems reading names, numbers, or texts on the Gear's screen. The Gear's onboard camera, which is built into the strap, is 1.9 megapixel shooter and is powered by a 800 MHz processor.

    While the technology is new, the Samsung Galaxy Gear gives us lots to be excited about when it comes to the smartwatch. It will be interesting to see how apps are eventually utilized on the device and where we go from here when it comes to wearable tech.

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