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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Abandoning 4 GB RAM
    Posted on December 20, 2013 by keith holland

    We don't know when, where, or how, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming. Samsung's not-so-secret bun in the oven is expected to be the new flagship for legendary company, but it may not be as powerful as originally anticipated. There had been rumours circulating that the device would feature components never before seen in a smartphone, but now we are starting to hear that those hopes may have been premature.

    The big rumour in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S5 has always been that the phone would feature 4 GB of RAM. We are now hearing that this may not be true, as it is very likely that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature just 3 GB of RAM. While that is something of a standard now, we were very hopeful that Samsung would go the extra mile with the Samsung Galaxy S5, but maybe it was too soon to get our hopes up.

    With that being said, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still expected to be a very important device and a strong follow up to the very successful Samsung Galaxy SIV. Here are some more specs that may or may not be part of the new Samsung Galaxy S5:

    • SnapDragon 800 Processor
    • 32 GB Internal Storage
    • 18 Mega-Pixel Camera
    • Curved Screen

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  • New Years Resolutions For Samsung
    Posted on December 18, 2013 by keith holland

    2014 is approaching rapidly and PureMobile is taking stock of what we think some of the World's largest tech companies should set as their personal New Years Resolutions. First up is Samsung. in 2013 Samsung released the first smartwatch, a series of tablets, phablets, and even more phones. But what resolutions should they strive to follow in 2014? Read below to see what we think!

    #1 - Don't Give Up On The Smartwatch

    I would never, ever wear one. I don't know many people who would. But, let's be fair. Once Apple jumps into the smartwatch arms race they will be everywhere. Maybe the Galaxy Gear is a somewhat flawed product, but you can guess bet Samsung knows what is wrong with their first wrist hugging smartphone thing and will be making resolutions to improve it.

    #2 - The Galaxy S5 Has To Be Awesome

    This goes without saying, resolutions aside, that your flagship product has to rock. I personally believe Apple is as vulnerable as they'll ever be. The world still thinks they are weaker for losing Steve Jobs. The Apple iPhone 5S was cool I guess, but not revolutionary. Ditto for the iPad Air for being cool I suppose. Samsung has a unique chance to sucker punch Apple with the Samsung Galaxy S5. So. Don't just throw a fingerprint reader in it. Don't just adopt 64-bit processors. Wow us with a phone that puts doubt in Apple fanboys and fangirls everywhere. There is no better time to take a shot at your biggest rival Samsung.

    #3 - Get In Or Get Out When It Comes To Video Games

    Going out on a limb here, but Samsung has a major stake in the Android game market. While they remain in second to IOS games, they could improve that standing by finding a partner in console gaming. Whether or not it's Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony, Samsung would have a lot to gain by bringing some sort of second-screen compatibility to a major video game console. Think about it. Your games on TV, with your phone as a controller, and you aren't paying hardware costs for any of it. Resolution? More like priority.

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  • Five Best Cases Under $20 For Holidays
    Posted on December 11, 2013 by keith holland

    The Holidays are here! While that means to some fun and games, for others it means budgets and just trying to get through the Holidays on the positive side of zero in the bank balance. PureMobile understands that and we want to help. We have dug up one case for five of our most popular phones that is less than $20 but still awesome. The Holidays don't have to be dreadful, save on stocking stuffers like phone cases for the Apple iPhone 5S, HTC One, LG G2, Moto X, and Samsung Galaxy S4 with PureMobile.

    dbrand Full Body Wood Mahogany for iPhone 5S

    dbrand uses only Authentic 3M vinyl on their Wood Mohogany Apple iPhone 5S skins. That means there's never any adhesive residue left on your device, guaranteed. dbrand is committed to providing our customers with uncompromising quality. You can relax. dbrand only use the highest grade materials on the planet.

    HTC Double Dip for the HTC One

    Protect your HTC One with this hard shell case for the HTC One. This dual-coloured case is very stylish and protective at the same time. Don't risk it, protect your HTC One with this case.

    Puregear Slim Shell for the LG G2 

    Express yourself with our vividly coloured slim shell line for the LG G2. Each case is incarnated with fresh flavours from smooth blueberry cream to juicy raspberry melon. Go ahead, pick your flavours today.

    Incipio Feather for the Moto X

    Protect your Moto X with this best-selling case from Incipio. The Feather features a rigid plextonium frame that protects your phone without adding excessive bulk to your device.

    iLuv Gelato for the Samsung Galaxy S4

    Soft, flexible case. The iLuv Gelato's form-fitting construction fits securely on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

    Stick with PureMobile throughout the Holiday season for great deals, giveaways, and more as we approach 2014. Don't forget, PureMobile is offering free shipping until the New Year. Don't miss out on these Holiday offers from Puremobile.

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  • Samsung has been laying in wait, watching Apple release two new iPhones and the release of the LG G2, Moto X, and Nexus 5. In the meantime they have been working away developing new tech like curved displays and other new feats technological marvel for what will be their next great device. Well, the time is nearly nigh for the launch of their next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

    Like any high profile device from a tech giant, rumours are everywhere in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S5. We have read the reports, done our research, and have a pretty good idea of what we'll see from the S5.

    Firstly, The Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature a curved screen. Samsung has been hard at work on this tech and has even already made a curved screen device (The Samsung Galaxy Round). The screen itself is rumoured to be five inches, making it a pretty sizeable device but not quite as big as the Galaxy Note 3.

    Second, The S5 could go the way of the rival HTC One, releasing a model with an all metal body. It is rumoured that the device will actually ship in two different models, one with a metal body and a curved screen, and another with a plastic body and a traditional AMOLED screen.

    Lastly, the fingerprint scanner. Will they or won't they? The rumour has been churning for awhile that Samsung will go the way of the Apple iPhone 5S and TouchID and include a fingerprint reader or some form of fingerprint technology. It's the cool thing to do in tech right now and while it isn't confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a fingerprint reader, its inclusion wouldn't be that surprising.

    Needless to say, Samsung is prepping a major update to the S4 with the S5. Stick with PureMobile as we follow the development of the Samsung Galaxy S5 over the next quarter.

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  • PureMobile is keeping the savings alive after a busy Black Friday and Cyber Monday with this limited-time offer from PureMobile and Otterbox. For five days only, save 20% off cases from Otterbox for phones like the Apple iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, LG G2 and many more. Check out a few select cases from this deal below and get started on your Holiday shopping with PureMobile and Otterbox.

    Otterbox Commuter for HTC One

    The Commuter Series is a slim and tough protective case made of a durable silicone mid-layer and a one-piece, custom-molded polycarbonate shell. Its smooth finish allows it to slide easily in and out of pockets. This case provides added protection against scratches, bumps and shock.

    Otterbox Defender Camo for Samsung Galaxy S4

    The Defender Series is rugged, essential smartphone protection. This case is made of a clear protective membrane, high-impact polycarbonate shell and durable silicone. It provides added protection against scratches, dust, drops, bumps and shock.

    Otterbox Commuter for the LG G2

    Protect your phone with the legendary protection of Otterbox. This case uses multi-layer technology to protect your phone from not just the elements, but drops as well, ensuring your LG G2 stays safe in your hands and out of them.

    Otterbox Commuter Wallet for the Samsung Galaxy S4

    Enjoy protection for your Samsung Galaxy S4 that also discreetly carries your important cards and cash. Barely adding any weight to the seriously slim Commuter Series case, the new Wallet version features a sliding drawer that conceals and securely carries your important cards and ID. Grab your credit/debit card, your ID, a little cash and your phone and you’ll have everything you need for a night on the town.

    Otterbox Reflex for the Apple iPhone 5S

    Otterbox brings lifestyle and protection together in this highly protective case for the Apple iPhone 5S. Providing innovative protection, the Reflex Series dockable iPhone 5 case is lightweight, easy-to-dock and portable – leaving you with a secure feeling of protection wherever and however you use your smartphone or tablet.

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  • PureMobile is going the extra mile this Holiday Season. After offering deep discounts on cases for the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Apple iPhone 5S, PureMobile is now offering a free gift for those who make a purchase over the weekend. This weekend, make any purchase and you will receive a set of iLuv earbuds. These earbuds are valued at $15. All you need to do is type in the coupon code after you make your purchase and these earbufs will be packed, loaded, and shipped with your original order. It's that simple!

    In addition to the free gift, PureMobile is offering special discounts on Apple iPhone 5S cases and is offering free shipping on all orders until Christmas. Free gifts, special discounts, and free shipping. PureMobile has you covered from every angle this Holiday Season. Enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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  • PureMobile is pleased to be adding Just Mobile as a brand. Just Mobile specializes in making high quality accessories for your favourite Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook Pro, iMac and more. Just Mobile broke onto the scene with the introduction of the Xtand, a stand designed for the MacBook Pro. Since then, Just Mobile has expanded to produce and design phone cases, stands, styli, and many more cool and high quality products. We are really happy to have Just Mobile as one of our brands on PureMobile. Here are some of their exciting products now available on PureMobile.

    Just Mobile AluFrame

    Just Mobile AluFrame™ is the high-design aluminum armour for the Apple iPhone 5. It wraps around the your phone’s vulnerable edges, encasing them in a protective layers of rubber and metal - shielding your phone from scratches and chips without spoiling its design or significantly increasing its bulk.

    Just Mobile AluPocket

    Just Mobile AluPocket™ is the perfect storage solution for your iPhone. Crafted from high-grade aluminium and moulded plastic, AluPocket™ will hold your device firmly in place using soft plastic grips - even if it’s in a case.

    Just Mobile AluCup Desktop Stand

    Just Mobile AluCup™ is the multi-purpose desktop stand for iPhone and iPad mini. Sculpted from a single piece of high-grade aluminium inset with soft rubber, AluCup™ provides a rock-solid upright stand when you sit your iPhone inside it. And thanks to its high-friction rubberised edges, it doubles as a stylish reclining pedestal for iPhone or iPad with space for cable storage within. AluCup™ features four cable slots to allow for clutter-free charging, and is available in a choice of colours to suit your desktop.

    To check out even more products from Just Mobile, visit PureMobile and click on their brand page to view their entire product line and see what has us so excited about Just Mobile!

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  • PureMobile is continuing their series of discounts, and this week they are focusing on Apple iPhone 5S cases. Beginning with the LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S4, PureMobile has been offering generous discounts on products over the last few weeks. This week we are upping the ante on 5S cases, giving you 25% off over 150 5S cases with free shipping. This deal features cases from Otterbox, Incipio, iLuv, and more. Check out a few selections from this deal here on the PureMobile Blog.

    iLuv Tangle Case

    iLuv's Tangle is an Apple iPhone 5S case that is sure to grab attention with its bold, crisscrossing pattern of colored strips. The strips are made of elastic gore that can be stretched from the case to hold items such as a stylus, cables and earphones. This case enables you to keep your Apple iPhone 5S stylish, and some of your smaller accessories safe at the same time.

    Incipio Stashback Case

    The Incipio STASHBACK™ Credit Card Case for the Apple iPhone 5s is built to hold up to three credit cards or ID's. The STASHBACK™ Case's flip-open design allows for easy access to your cards without sacrificing iPhone protection. This case is built with a rigid plextonium shell with an impact resistant core. All this protection and storage is afforded in a low profile case from Incipio.

    Otterbox Defender Series

    The Defender Series from Otterbox is rugged, essential smartphone protection for the Apple iPhone 5S. This case is made of a clear protective membrane, high-impact polycarbonate shell and durable silicone. It provides added protection for your Apple iPhone 5S against scratches, dust, drops, bumps and shock. Protect your Apple iPhone 5S with one of the best names in protection.

    Don't miss this excellent deal from PureMobile. You will never find a better deal on 5S cases so act fast before supplies run out!

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  • The BlackBerry Z10. Is it the best smartphone? Nah. Is it a great smartphone? Maybe? Is it an okay smartphone? Yeah, definitely. Is it worthy of a $2400 upgrade courtesy of Porsche? Haha. No. Well, that's what's happening. Just like previous versions before it, BlackBerry has partnered up with Porsche to design a souped up version of their mildly popular smartphone, the Z10. What's different? well, we'll get to that but first things first, I don't think $2400 and BlackBerry belong in the same sentence unless we're talking about buying BlackBerry. The company. Now, let's see what Porsche has done for the BlackBerry Z10.

    This "elite" handset from Porsche and BlackBerry is all about looks. In fact, the guts of the Z10 itself remain almost completely untouched minus the addition of a 64 GB storage drive, upgrading the phone's original 16 GB drive.

    So what has changed on the outside? Well, this Z10 features a stainless steel frame and a back that is wrapped in real Italian leather. If you're super elite, BlackBerry will also be shipping a limited number of Crocodile leather backed phones as well. As for the standard $2400 phone, the backings will come in fuchsia, blue, and silver.

    Inside, the Porsche Z10 features the BlackBerry 10 operating system and custom PIN numbers so that when you are using BBM people can see that spent $2400 dollars on a mid-level phone. In addition to the recognition, this phone has custom designed clock faces and backgrounds to make your Z10 stand out. As a refresher, the BlackBerry Z10 features a 4.2 inch screen, an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, and a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor.

    While this phone will appeal to a very select few when it launches today, I'm sure there will be more than a few ex-BlackBerry employees wondering how BlackBerry was able to front the money to fund this project. Either way, if you get your hands on this enjoy it.

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  • PureMobile is getting warmed up for Black Friday by running a series of promotions leading up to the big day! Last week we featured the LG G2. This week we are stepping it up and offering deals that are out of this Galaxy...

    Haha? This week enjoy 20% off all cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This includes cases from some seriously good brands like dbrand, Otterbox, Incipio, iSkin, and, of course, Samsung. Take advantage of these excellent deals from PureMobile before the holidays and stock up for that special someone!

    dbrand Full Body Black Titanium


    dbrand uses only Authentic 3M vinyl on their Black Titanium Samsung Galaxy S4 skins. That means there's never any adhesive residue left on your device, guaranteed. We are committed to providing our customers with uncompromising quality. You can relax. We only use the highest grade materials on the planet. Pick up this stylish skin for your Samsung Galaxy S4 today.

    Otterbox Defender Series

    The Defender Series is rugged, essential smartphone protection for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This case is made of a clear protective membrane, high-impact polycarbonate shell and durable silicone. It provides added protection against scratches, dust, drops, bumps and shock. Shipping in a stunning black and yellow finish, keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 fresh for the Holiday Season.

    Samsung Flip Cover

    Take the back cover off and snap the case back on. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Flip will protect your phone from scratches, damage and bumps. This case also sleeps and wakes your Samsung Galaxy S4, adding another level of convenience to this case designed especially for this phone.

    Stay tuned to PureMobile as we continue to knock back prices on accessories for your favourite phones. last week it was the LG G2, now the Samsung Galaxy S4. What could be in store for next week? Check back and find out with PureMobile!

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