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Moshi for iPad
  • Time to get excited!

    New features for iPhone 6& iPhone 6 Plus revealed:

    -Improved battery Life

    - 8mp scenery camera

    - Double slow motion speed

    - Health and Fitness app

    -WI-FI Calling

    - Apple Pay feature

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  • iPhone 6 PLUS Revealed!
    Posted on September 9, 2014 by Pure Mobile

    Check out the specifications for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus just launched by Apple:



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  • Product Review : MiPow PlayBulb
    Posted on June 30, 2014 by keith holland

    The MiPow PlayBulb is one of the more unique accessories we've carried at PureMobile. This lightbulb with a built-in bluetooth speaker is all kinds of cool. I finally got one to try out and I'm happy to report that every concern I had before I even got my hands on it was alleviated after I finally tested it out.

    The PlayBulb is controlled using bluetooth and an app that is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. Once you download the app your device becomes a remote, controlling the music and even the light. In addition to turning the light on or off, the PlayBulb app turns your device into a dimmer switch, letting you set the tone of the party.

    The light itself is well put together and surprisingly large. I was sure when it was announced that corners would be cut, but I am happy to report that the MiPow PlayBulb is a winner and a very great gift idea for yourself or a friend!

    Check out the MiPow PlayBulb on PureMobile now!

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  • Product Review : Incipio LGND
    Posted on June 23, 2014 by keith holland

    Incipio's LGND case for the Apple iPad Mini is a very versatile and unique case. I recently got this case for my iPad Mini and after a few weeks it became very clear to me just how awesome this case is. With a bunch of different viewing angles, a protective shell on the back and a smooth finish inside, this case nails it as one of the better Apple iPad Mini cases.

    First things first, this case allows you to do so many things with your iPad Mini. Open and close the cover to protect the screen. Prop it up with multiple viewings angles to get a good look at videos and apps. This case does it all and does it with a unique design and a low price.

    My only complaint with this Incipio case is that the cover can show stains. It seems to absorb moisture easily, but maybe I'm just sloppy. Regardless, don't let that stop you, this case is the real deal for your Apple iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina Display.

    Check out the Incipio LGND on PureMobile now!

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    There are some really, really, really terrible places to get caught using your phone.

    PureMobile has been there. And we want to tell you about some of the worst places we have been caught or caught others on the phone and what it has cost us as humans.

    On The Metro

    The subway/Metro/public transit is a dead zone for phones. Either they don't work, they are terribly annoying, or they are a dangerous distraction.

    Yep, that's all of us being collectively late for work, school, or life in general because we just wanted to crush a little more candy or finally beat 2048 for the first time. It's hard, but it gets better, don't worry.

    What it cost us: Dignity? Time?

    In The Bathroom

    Of course. Doing your business on the phone while, doing your business. I think it's disgusting, I'm sure everyone does, but we all do it. Some people fake going to the bathroom just to do it. But it doesn't always work out..

    Looks like it's rice for dinner tonight unless you have better ideas for bringing this guy back to life.

    What it cost us: Ultimately, a phone

    In The Car


    What it cost us: Our life?

    In The Theatre

    Why would you ever do this? Why? Why are you there?

    Ugh. There isn't one thing I hate more than anticipating a film and having it ruined by someone who thinks their conversation trumps the collective attention of everyone sitting behind them. Ugh.

    What it cost us: $15

    On An Airplane

    You did this. You and your texting.

    Just kidding. That is footage of a crash test. But still, nothing makes me more uneasy than the realization I have forgotten to switch off my phone during take off and I have doomed everyone onboard the aircraft to a watery grave.

    What it cost us: A time travelling voyage through parallel dimensions with an unsatisifying conclusion.

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  • The World Cup is one of the most exciting sporting events on the globe and PureMobile is ready to kick it into overdrive with special, limited-time accessories to help you celebrate the games and, hopefully, victories in style. We have received our first wave of accessories, and we expect many more, but in the meantime, take a look at these very cool World Cup themed cases for the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S from Tru Protection! These cases feature some of the most popular national clubs and are also very protective. They slip on and off your phone with ease and are a great gift idea for those that can't get enough of the World Cup action!










    If you think this all we have to offer for this massive, international event, think again. Don't miss out on upcoming World Cup cases from Tru Protection and Melkco for the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S, Apple iPad Air, and Samsung Galaxy S5! These accessories should be rolling in over the next week and you can bet you'll be hearing about them right here on the PureMobile Insider Blog. We'll keep you updated as the big games approach and the World Cup finally gets underway in 2014!

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  • The TYPO is an accessory on the run. Challenged in court, the TYPO has been added to the bad boy list and now it's steadily becoming an accessory in demand due to its obvious perks and its new-found rarity. While most retailers in the USA cannot carry this groundbreaking accessory, PureMobile has the TYPO in stock and ready to move. If you aren't convinced, read on. Our review will show you just why any Apple iPhone 5/5S user could use this exciting accessory.

    The TYPO is a fascinating accessory. Combining the best of both the QWERTY and touchscreen world, the TYPO is a physical keyboard case that allows you to essentially attach a real keyboard to your Apple iPhone 5 or 5S. A two piece accessory, the Typo is a two piece case that is surprisingly protective. Don't go doing any drop tests with the case on, but pocket scratches and small knocks won't show on your phone.

    Now, onto the Tour De Force, the keyboard. The keyboard is eerily familiar to the classic QWERTY keyboard found on BlackBerry devices. A nice fret splits the rows making typing a breeze, in fact I noticed a dramatic decrease in mistakes in going from the traditional touchscreen to the TYPO keyboard. My big fingers were far more accurate and after a bit muscle memory kicked in and my college days toting a BlackBerry came in handy. They really do feel remarkably similar.

    All in all, the TYPO's unique two-piece protective design and expertly implemented and unique built-in keyboard design are a big winner. This device doesn't just make typing easier, it saves time and mistakes and gets you on and off your phone quicker. While legality may make this accessory harder to track down, if you are interested in this device you can check it out right now at PureMobile.

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  • We at PureMobile can't wait to hop in the pool. One thing we don't want to do is have our phones come along for the ride. But, there are cases that let that scary situation become a reality without fear. At this point, almost every accessory company worth their weight produces waterproof cases. We have decided to spotlight a few of our favourites in this blog. Scroll down, and check out our favourite waterproof cases from three of our most popular brands, Otterbox, Griffin, and Incipio!

    Incipio Atlas

    The ATLAS delivers the most advanced technology to safeguard the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S against water, shock, dirt and dust. Featuring a scratch-resistant tempered glass screen, this case allows you to enter the dark waters of uncertainty and emerge dry and functional.

    Griffin Survivor

    This case has become the easiest-to-use case on the market these days and has been designed for freedom both in and around water. This case can be submersed as deep as 10 feet and can be used every day. Waterproof is how you can describe this case and no matter how you put it, in the bathtub, a sink, the pool, it’s going to protect your phone without causing damage. This case is compatible for the iPhone and protects it from water, rain, vibration and more. You still have access to volume buttons and still have a tight seal.

    Otterbox Preserver

    Never fear mixing your Apple iPhone 5S with water again when you protect it with the seriously waterproof Preserver Series case. Built to withstand water up to 6.6 ft deep for thirty minutes you never need to wait and empty your pockets before diving into fun. Play in the mud, splash through puddles and run through the sprinklers with your phone. This sturdy waterproof iPhone 5s case is also built to prevail over drops up to 6.6 ft., and it keeps dust and dirt away from your device. Don’t worry a second more about anything happening to your iPhone 5s when it’s snapped safely into a Preserver Series case. Two solid pieces of polycarbonate with overmolded rubber snap together to lock out liquids and messes while locking in trusted OtterBox protection. Get protection that inspires confidence with the Preserver Series iPhone 5s waterproof case.

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  • Dust off those runners, get the bikes out of the garage, Spring has arrived and PureMobile wants to help you get back out on the tracks, trails, and bike paths in style. So how are we helping? Simply navigate over to our site, choose your favourite accessories from our Fitness section, use our fitness2014 code, and save 20%. Just like that. To get you excited, we have chosen three of our favourite Summer accessories. Take a look, check out our store, and don't forget the coupon!

    Griffin MiCoach Adidas Armband

    Branded with one of the strongest names in fitness, Griffin's MiCoach Adidas Armband for the Apple iPhone 5 is one of the highest quality armbands out there that is made for mobile devices. Easily listen to music while keeping your device dry. The built-in key pocket makes it easy to keep track of your keys. Take this lightweight armband out for a run today!

    Otterbox Pursuits 40 Dry Box

    Is biking, canoeing, or hiking more your thing? The Otterbox Pursuits 40 Dry Box is a must have for those going into hostile territory with important devices and documents in tow. This waterproof box protects maps, phones, and other water sensitive materials while you are in nature. A definite must-have for your inner-survivalist.

    Plantronics Backbeat Go 2.0 Bluetooth Headset

    Some of smallest and lightest earbuds, Plantronic's Backbeat Go 2.0 Bluetooth headset is a legit fitness headset. This amazingly light bluetooth headset slips in and out of your pocket and thanks to its tangle free cord is ready when you are when it comes time to run. In addition to music, answer calls with ease using built-in controls and listen comfortably with three different sized ear buds.

    Now, don't forget our special fitness2014 coupon to save 20% off these items and many more in our dedicated fitness section. This deal runs until May 12th and applies only on products in the fitness section.

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  • PureMobile knows school can be very expensive. Between college tuition, books, and supplies things get expensive quickly. With that in mind, PureMobile has many bags and other accessories on sale that should make the big move cheaper and the learning easier. With that, here are some of our favourite on-sale items as the college acceptances start rolling in!

    Be.Ez LA Besace

    Being the only bag of its kind on the market, the Be.ez LA MBP Black Classic bag has been made to suit everyone’s needs differently no matter what they may be. The bag can be used for carrying small items like documents, MacBook Pro computers and the chargers needed to keep you powered up. It has an outer covering that is hard in nature thus resistant to wear and tear. The bag is noticeable by everyone when you walk around with it. The small size makes the bag light in weight hence it easy to move around with it regardless of where you are going. Perfect for college campuses and schools alike!

    MSRP $99.99

    Special $39.99

    Toffee Leather Pocket

    This innovative new sleeve is all you need to take with you as you move about the city streets. It's handcrafted with silky soft full-grain nappa leather and features a convenient front pocket for your iPhone and cards. Its sleek, original toffee design combined with a padded interior makes this a very smooth package.

    MSRP $129.99

    Special $49.99

    Incase Nylon Folio

    Incase's Nylon Portfolio turns your traditional case into a full on work station for your iPad Mini. The soft suede interior protects your iPad while an organizer keeps essential documents on hand. This folio can sit open, or in two positions for working or displaying on your favourite tablet. A zipper keeps everything safely inside and a nylon exterior keeps everything together.

    MSRP $39.95

    Special $28.99

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