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  • LG G3 Could Arrive By May
    Posted on March 13, 2014 by keith holland

    While most think of phones like the Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, or Sony's line of phones when they think Android, LG changed the conversation with the launch of the LG G2. A true powerhouse, the G2 impressed with its elite processing power and even better battery. It was the souped up smartphone that converts IOS users to Android and other Android users to LG. With the pending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the All New HTC One just around the corner, it's inevitable that the follow up, the LG G3, will be discussed as well. Here is what we know about the LG G3.

    The new LG G3, first of all, is slated for a May release. This puts it in place to follow up both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the All New HTC One, putting it in good stead to get ahead of the new Apple iPhone and not be too far away from the hot releases preceding it.

    The most prominent feature we know about is the device's reported screen size. At 2560x1440. This would make this phone one of the first 2K screens in a consumer handheld device and slightly nudge itself ahead of it's major competitor the Galaxy S5. It's expected that the G3 will feature a 64-bit processor, once again putting it ahead of the GS3 and entering the fray with Apple for 64-bit supremacy. Camera-wise, the rumoured 16-megapixel puts it the same category as its competitors but miles behind some of the camera offerings being dangled by Sony and Nokia. Other rumours suggest the G3 could feature a water and dust proof chassis, making it possible that this phone could also focus on appealing to the fitness crowd.

    The LG G3 should be another powerful offering from LG. We'll have to wait and see what else LG has in store over the coming weeks for the G3.

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  • HTC is primed to announce the followup to the critically acclaimed HTC One on March 25th. While some debate likely went into the name, we can confirm that HTC's new flagship will be called the All New HTC One. While we won't know what exactly is in store until the big unveil on March 25th, we have a pretty good idea what to expect from the All New HTC One. While the big contender for 2014 from Apple is still months away, HTC is taking on heavyweights like Samsung and Sony head-on in the first half of 2014. So, with that, lets take a look at what the All New HTC One has to offer in the competition for the first half of 2014.

    Like the original, the All New HTC One will be a large device. Bigger than the iPhone and roughly the same size as the LG G2, the All New HTC One is said to feature a screen somewhere between 5 inches and 5.2 inches. With smaller bezels this might not even necessarily increase the overall footprint of the phone. In terms of looks, no one would take this phone seriously if it ditched the aluminum unibody that made it stand out from the crowd. The solid aluminum body returns for the All New HTC One.

    Internally, the All New HTC One features some powerful specs. The SnapDragon 800, which has powered many of the mobile world's top devices, returns to power the All New HTC One. The device itself clocks in at around 2.26 GHz, or roughly the same processing speed of the LG G2. What could set this device apart is an additional graphics processor which would come in handy when powering high-end mobile games. In terms of software, it comes as no surprise that this device will come loaded the latest Android operating system Android 4.4 KitKat.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Finally Announced
    Posted on February 24, 2014 by keith holland

    Samsung has finally announced the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and it's got some things we really like, and some things that we think are somewhat par for the course. The phone makes some marked improvements in terms of pure power, it's camera, and it's well-implemented fitness apps. But, with that said, it feels like a case of been-there, done-that when it comes to the fingerprint scanner, lacklustre finish, and the gold colour option found on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

    First of all, the good. This phone is super powerful. It features a 2.5GHz processor, quad-core Snapdragon processor. This is a sublimely powerful device that is powered by a 2,800 mAh battery. While that isn't a huge improvement, the software, Android KitKat 4.4 for those wondering, features some intense battery saving features that kick in when the battery does get low, ensuring you get great endurance from the power source. In addition, the Galaxy S5 features some new sensors including the aforementioned fingerprint scanner and the new heart rate monitor which is built into the camera flash. This will be a big add for fitness freaks. One last grand addition is the ability to combine the power of LTE and Wifi to give your phone super-speeds for large downloads.

    Now, where my complaints are is that the Galaxy S5 didn't really shock anybody. There wasn't really a killer feature that changed the game. They piggybacked off the success of Apple's TouchID, and didn't really spice things up looks-wise with the dimpled back cover. So, while Samsung did up the ante power wise, I feel we got a lot of the same with the Samsung Galaxy S5. A phone that is powerful, yet falls behind on exciting, innovative, and creative features and continues to play second fiddle to the inspiring iPhone line up from Apple.

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  • Samsung is preparing to announce..something. No one is saying officially what is coming from Samsung but the obvious contender is the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5. The new smartphone from Samsung is no doubt on the way, but the question is when with rumours suggesting everything from tomorrow to sometime in April. Seeing as that is something of a liberal timeline, I won't take too much credit, but the February 24th date does fit within it. So with that, let's decipher the invite.

    By the looks of it, if this event is indeed dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S5, this invite could be giving us a quick look at what to expect from the Galaxy S5's user interface. The actual icon titles may be inconsequential, but some could related to the new device. For one, it is expected that the Galaxy S5 will be faster. Other terms are far too general to really extrapolate any further.

    Based on the invite, what else could we see? Perhaps Samsung will try to right its wrongs with the Samsung Galaxy Gear and make a more fitness oriented smartwatch. One thing is for certain, Samsung is expected to deliver big things this Summer. Whether or not we hear about the Samsung Galaxy S5 this soon, or we have to wait, PureMobile will be ready with reviews, guides, and accessories for this flapship device from Samsung.

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  • PureMobile is gearing up for Valentine's Day! To share the love that is sure to be floating around, PureMobile has prepared 24 deals on products for men, and 24 deals on products for women. The PureMobile Insider Blog will cover both sets of deals over the next two weeks and show you just how showing some love can save you some money on some great smartphone and tablet accessories. Up first, here are 24 great gift ideas for Men on Valentine's Day.

    Griffin Survivor for the Apple iPad Mini in Black

    The Griffin Survivor for the Apple iPad Mini is hands down one of the best protective cases for the scaled-down iPad. In addition to a built-in screen protector, this rugged case protects your tablet from bumps, drops, and shocks using its shock-absorbing core. The Griffin Survivor is a superb case for Men and a great gift for Valentine's Day.

    iSkin Exo for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Black

    This case from iSkin is radically designed accessory that is sure to protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 from whatever comes your way. The Exo's unique ribbed design is built to protect your phone from drops and other assaults that one can bring upon their smartphone. This case protects all the vital areas of your Samsung Galaxy S4, including the corners. For your special someone on Valentine's Day, the iSkin Exo is a superb choice for your significant other.

    dbrand Full Body Wood Mahogany for the Apple iPhone 5S

    dbrand uses only high quality materials to construct their uniquely coloured and textured vinyl skins. This skin, constructed using authentic 3M Vinyl, is made for the Apple iPhone 5S and features a unique look and feel that makes you believe your phone is backed with real mahogany wood. This case is a very popular seller and makes a great gift for Valentine's Day 2014.

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  • Valentine's Day Gifts For Women
    Posted on February 6, 2014 by keith holland

    PureMobile is feeling the love this year for Valentine's day and we want to share it with you! This year, PureMobile will be offering special Valentine's Day deals to celebrate the big day this year. The deal is split in two, 50/50. 24 deals for Men, and 24 deals for Women. Over the next two weeks we will review both deal pages but we'll get started appropriately. Ladies first. Here are our 24 deals for Women on Valentine's Day.

    Ballistic Shell Gel for the Nexus 5 in Pink and Gray

    Ballistic's Shell Gel case protects your Nexus 5 from the hazards of the world without wrapping your smartphone in another drab and dark case. The Shell Gel's Pink and Gray design lights up a room but also protects your phone from impacts using three-layer protection. This case is the perfect pick up for your special someone on Valentine's Day.

    iLuv Aurora Glow for the Apple iPhone 5 in Pink

    The iLuv Aurora case truly glows. This glow-in-the-dark case is a very cool looking case that looks even better in the dark. This case is also silky smooth and makes your phone very hand friendly. Protection-wise, this case features protection that is light, easy to apply, and bulk-free. Grab this stylish and lightweight case for your partner on Valentine's Day for a great price from PureMobile.

    Incipio LGND for the Apple iPad Air in Pink

    The Incipio LGND is a very versatile case for the Apple iPad Air. Featuring multiple viewing angles and stand setups, the LGND is just that, a legend. Stand up your iPad many different ways and sleep and wake the device using the cover easily. In addition to the cover, the back features a plextonium backing that protects the back of your tablet and a soft microsuede interior that protects the screen. Pick up this useful case for your significant other for Valentine's Day 2014.

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  • Ballistic Cases For Nexus 5
    Posted on January 29, 2014 by keith holland

    PureMobile is bringing in some very exciting new brands for 2014. One of those is prolific case maker Ballistic. Ballistic makes very dependable and durable cases and they will soon be adding even more cases to the PureMobile store. For now, PureMobile is happy to be carrying cases for the popular Nexus 5 and will soon be offering cases from this reputable case maker for even more devices. Take a look at some of these very popular cases below.

    Ballistic Shell Gel in Black

    Make sure you keep your new LG Nexus 5 looking great. Ballistic's Shell Gel SG Series offers the best pocket-able protection for your LG Nexus 5. This case is engineered with three layers of the best protection on the market, including Ballistic Corners™ and a lay-on-table feature. Your Nexus 5 will be safe with the Shell Gel!

    Ballistic Shell Gel in Pink and Gray

    Ballistic's Shell Gel Series offers the best pocket-able protection for the Nexus 5. This Nexus 5 case is built with three layers of the strongest protection on the market. This includes Ballistic Corners™ and a lay-on-table feature. Sleep easy knowing your Nexus 5 is safe with the Shell Gel series!

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  • Verizon Facing Stiffer Competition
    Posted on January 22, 2014 by keith holland

    Verizon is hands-down the biggest telecom company in America. They have been for awhile. While their time on top isn't expected to come to an end anytime soon, even Verizon is acknowledging that they are losing users due to very competitive offers and improved smartphone service from rival companies like T-Mobile and AT&T.

    At a conference call yesterday, Verizon's CFO Fran Shammo acknowledged this very fact saying that they were "seeing a certain segment of our base responding to competitive offers." These "competitive offers" are very likely a response to T-Mobile's much publicized early upgrade programs and their most recent offer in which they promised to actually pay off termination fees from rival companies in order to grow their own subscriber base.

    It wasn't all doom and gloom for Verizon though as they also announced a return to profitability and an increase in 1.7 million new connections. But, regardless of that success it seems investors and customers alike are starting to sour on the company as competitors like T-Mobile and AT&T are getting lots of good press that is sure to drive some sales for both companies. Even brick and mortar strengths, like the perceived power of Verizon's network, have come under assault in the recent months. T-Mobile and AT&T have been steadfastly upgrading their services while Verizon has publicly acknowledged that some of their inner-city networks are starting to lag in terms of quality.

    It has become clear that Verizon needs to stop taking baby steps towards pleasing customers and not let companies like T-Mobile and AT&T to take shots at them. They need to compete with these lower priced plans, not sit there and acknowledge that they are losing market share. In addition, Verizon's response has been somewhat underhanded as they introduced some new plans that ghost what their competitors are offering. We'll have to wait and see what happens with this wireless giant.

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  • The Best In Show Of CES 2014
    Posted on January 15, 2014 by keith holland

    CES took over Las Vegas last week and many nerds rejoiced. The event, which is a huge show and tell for many of the world's leading tech firms, was a hit, showcasing some of the most exciting trends and products in consumer electronics. While it was pretty quite on the smartphone and tablet front, CES did show off some very cool tech in other fields. PureMobile is here to tell you what we thought stood out at this year's edition of CES.

    Wysips LiFi

    There is WiFi, and then there is LiFi. LiFi is a ground breaking new data-transferring technology that transmits data through light. Pioneered by French company Oledcomm, LiFi could redefine how location services, like GPS, work in underground environments like Metros and Subways. Data speed isn't quite there yet, but with improvements anticipated LiFi could change the way we use the internet.

    Playstation Now

    Sony introduced a potential platform killer at CES. Playstation Now is an all-new game streaming service that COULD make video game platforms obsolete. Now, before you say "doesn't Sony make video games and video game platforms?", yes, they do. But what you may not know is that companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft sell their consoles at a loss and recoup those loses through the sale of software. If Sony can make this work and bypass the console while still delivering a AAA experience through the cloud, look out.

    The Oculus Rift

    Hands down the coolest thing to try out, the Oculus Rift is making virtual reality a legitimate thing. There have been all kinds of half hearted attempts at this tech, but nothing has come as close as the Oculus Rift. Having been in development for some time with multiple enhancements being made, the Rift isn't that far off and shouldn't just revolutionize gaming, but also play a key role in real life as well. Imagine a VR platform for practicing surgery? The Oculus Rift could be that kind of invention that brings people out to events like CES.

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  • No company has had it as rough as BlackBerry has this year. With good news few and very far between, the embattled Canadian company has seen its stock plummet to the point that it is bleeding money, employees, and anything else it can to stay relevant. Besides avoiding falling on their faces, BlackBerry should be trying to do anything and everything to keep going into 2014. Here is our list of potential New Years Resolutions for BlackBerry.

    #1 - Do One Thing Really Well

    Stop trying to Apple, Samsung, or Windows. BlackBerry could be dominating the business world if it stuck to its niche. If it wasn't for BlackBerry's sullied name they would likely still be well respected in the business world. In 2014 BlackBerry should try to reinvent itself as the ultimate business phone, instead of trying to be a mediocre iPhone.

    #2 - Bring Back The Keyboard Full Time

    BlackBerry users love their QWERTY keyboards. They are crazy for them. Maybe some are sold on touch-screens, but diehard BlackBerry fans are all about physical keyboards. Whether it's a case of familiarity, or the perceived durability, the QWERTY keyboard is, and should continue to be, the cash cow for this ailing company.

    #3 - Pony Up And Make A Real Phone

    BlackBerry this year released a phone called the Z30. It was a spec'd up version of the flailing Z10. The only issue was that this souped up Z10 still lagged behind dated devices like the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Seriously though BlackBerry, do this. Take a Q10. Ram it full of RAM, power, and memory. Give it an HD screen and a slick browser and put it in the hands of every CEO who will say "sure". Don't skimp out. There is no excuse for making a phone that stutters when you open the browser in 2014. Find your niche and own it BlackBerry.

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