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  • Droid 2.1 Update coming in March
    Posted on March 18, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Droid owners might be in store for the update they have been longing for.  According to the internet rumor mills a customer service rep for the Motorola Droid says that the long awaited Android 2.1 update is set to be released by the end of march.  While the update is already available in places like Spain and Bulgaria users here in North America can expect the 2.1 update to be rolled out very soon.

    “Marcelo M.: Hi, my name is Marcelo M.. How may I help you?
    Kellen B: Hey Marcelo! Since the Spain Milestone has Android 2.1 and the Bulgarian one launches at the end of this week with 2.1, should Droid users expect it this week as well?
    Marcelo M.: Within the next 2-3 weeks
    Kellen B: Really? That’s awesome news. So by the end of March?
    Marcelo M.: Yes
    Kellen B: Very cool! Any details on what will be included in the update?
    Marcelo M.: Not at this time Kellen, I am sorry
    Kellen B: Ok, well thanks for providing me with a more defined timeline than just “soon”. Greatly appreciated.”

    While you can never take a customer service rep’s words as gospel this does sound like some very encouraging news for those of you who have been waiting for the Android 2.1 update to be released.  It will be very exciting to see what new features are included with this update.

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  • For all of you text messaging enthusiast out there AT&T introduced four new phones that might be of interest to you.  These four new phones are the Samsung Strive, Samsung Sunburst, Pantech Link and Pantech Pursuit.

    The Samsung cell phone (Strive) will be available March 21st for $19.99 and features a full QWERTY keyboard and 2 megapixel camera.  The Samsung Starburst, also available on March 21st for $39.99, is a candybar touchscreen that features widgets which offer one touch access to frequently used services like SMS and social media sites.

    The two Pantech phones are also set to be released in the near future.  The Link, which is set to become available in the coming weeks, is described as an “ultra slim and light, full keyboard quick messaging phone” that also has a wide range of social media capabilities.  The Pursuit has both a touchscreen and sliding QWERTY keyboard along with a camera.  The pursuit is set for release this summer.

    It is always nice news when mobile device companies are set to come out with a new line of phones.  These new devices are sure to have many upgrades over their older counter parts and shows that these mobile device companies are listening to their consumers and giving them what they want.  I am sure there will be many people who are quite satisfied with these new messaging friendly devices, especially at those price tags!

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  • Blackberry Presenter
    Posted on March 16, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The latest accessory to lighten the load of your mobile office is the Blackberry Presenter.  Available with a contract or as an unlocked cell phone this device is a wireless presentation tool.  Your bulky laptop can stay home and you can still deliver the one-two punch of a Microsoft Power Point presentation.

    The presenter is just about the same size as your Blackberry.  There are two ports to connect directly to your projector.  The ease of operation is surprising, with the touch of your menu button you can press the launch presenter application, find your file, and your Blackberry locates the Power Point presentation that you preloaded into your Blackberry.  You then press the present option on your phone, and the pairing wizard will link your Blackberry up to the presenter and projector you are using.  This is handy in case someone else is also doing a presentation in the same convention hall or meeting space.  When you verify the document and send, the file will transfer and you are ready to begin your presentation.

    BlackBerry ACC26975001 Presenter

    You can walk around while giving your presentation since the range on the wireless is 10 meters, or 30 feet with Bluetooth connection.  Freeze a frame in your presentation as you expand on the item you are speaking about is easy enough to do by holding down a button on your phone.  Your Blackberry can also hold speaker notes that you can see and the group you are addressing will not.  This hand-held accessory will make you look like a pro and give you the freedom and mobility to relax the group you are addressing thus making your presentation a hit.  You can set the presentation on loop and talk while the slide is operational or just leave the area if it is a convention stand-alone visual presentation.  Leave your laptop behind with a Blackberry Presenter setting up for a meeting just got easier.

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  • Verizon Wireless announced some exciting news on Tuesday after testing the wireless data speeds of their new LTE network, which is primed to replace the current 3G network. The news from Verizon was that the test results were “shocking” and “faster than ever suggested.”  This comes as a great surprise to many as Verizon now expects to beat rival wireless company ATT into the LTE business by 12-18 months.

    Field tests were conducted in Boston and Seattle in August and Verizon Wireless now expects to deliver these services to about 25 – 30 markets by the end of 2010.  The test results that have shocked all of the Verizon Wireless engineers have shown an average download rate of 5Mbit/sec to 12Mbit/sec along with an uplink speed of 2Mbit/sec to 5Mbit/sec.  With rates like these Verizon customers could expect to experience the same web surfing speeds as they don on their home computer.

    Some other aspects of this announcement that have tech gurus all excited is that Verizon Wireless demonstrated the capacity to perform a live videoconference using this new LTE technology.  This is an amazing feat and really demonstrates the powers that this new wireless network can really have.  Testers were also able to successfully stream a movie in 1080p high definition to a handheld device which is primed to change the way we watch videos on our handheld devices.

    Imagine the possibilities this type of technology could lead to.  Soon you may be able to have a live video conference with several friends or colleagues using your unlocked cell phone while watching a movie and checking the stock market.  When something this ground breaking comes along it really makes you start to wonder what could possibly come next.

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  • The NFL and Verizon Wireless announced a new four year deal today that will bring the NFL Mobile programming along with the NFL RedZone channel to Verizon Wireless phones.  While not too much information was given about what phones will have the NFL coverage available this new service is set to start in time so NFL fans can receive coverage of the upcoming NFL Draft which is set to take place April 22-24.  More announcements are schedule for August when the NFL season is drawing near.

    Subscribers of the Verizon Wireless network will be able to watch NFL games on Sundays and Thursdays.  Users will also have access to live radio broadcasts of every regular season and playoff game for both the home and away teams.  These features will make this service appealing to just about any NFL fan as they will now never miss any of the exciting action when their favorite team is playing.

    Verizon Wireless also used this opportunity to announce how their upcoming 4G network will be a fantastic complement to this NFL package.  The new Verizon 4G network is reported to have download speeds capable of streaming live wireless conferences similar to your home internet connection.  With speeds like that the action will fast and furious come Sundays while you take all of the football action wherever you go.

    For any football fan this is a nice development as the Verizon network appears to be much more capable than the Sprint network, which used to be the home of this NFL package, of handling the necessary download speeds to have an enjoyable experience streaming NFL games on your mobile device.  I know I am looking forward to not being tied to my couch every Sunday for fear of missing some of the football battles.

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  • Well I am sure you all expected this at some point.  AT&T announced plans to start selling their first android service.  AT&T is set to sell the Motorola Backflip unlocked and join the other mobile phone companies in the Android race.  The Backflip is a full QWERTY keyboard device that runs Android with Motoblur UI.

    The unique aspect about this phone, aside from being the first Android phone on the AT&T network, is the way the QWERTY keyboard is set up.  As you might guess from the name the keyboard is actually upside down when you flip up the phone’s face.  When you want to type using this QWERTY keyboard you will need to make the phone do a “backflip” so that the keys are in the position you are accustomed to.  Pretty clever by those fellows over at AT&T eh?

    Aside from the quirky keyboard the Backflip is your pretty standard Android phone.  Sporting a 3.1” HVGA touchscreen, 528 MHz CPU and 5MP camera the Backflip provides you with enough power to handle all over your mobile device needs.  The Backflip also comes standard with Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth technology and GPS capability.  These features make this device a really nice start for AT&T’s entrance into the Android market.

    AT&T does not plan to stop with just the Motorola Backflip.  AT&T also plans to release a Dell and HTC Android phone but the models are unknown at this time.  Either way this is some exciting news for AT&T customers who are looking for an app friendly phone and do not want to purchase the iPhone.

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  • American Airlines has announced today that they will now accept mobile ticketing at another 19 airports.  This now brings the total to 27 airports around the country that will accept boarding passes that are displayed on your mobile device.  It will work on mobile phones like the Sony Ericsson Aspen as well as Pads and will display a two-dimensional barcode.  Now, you will not have to worry about printing out a boarding pass or getting one at the airport.  This may also help you get to the security area a little bit quicker.

    Sony Ericsson Aspen White Silver Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    It is very easy to use in that you merely choose the option to have an e-mail correctly to your phone, like the Nokia 5300 unlocked cell phone or PDA and American Airlines will send the boarding pass to your e-mail and then you can get it right off of your mobile device.  The new airports that were announced include Albuquerque, Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, El Paso, Houston, Jacksonville, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, Little Rock and Phoenix.

    These are, in addition to the first ones that include Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Minneapolis.  You can visit the American airline's website to get further details about how the process works.  This is just one more application that will make travelers lives a lot easier.  Now, you will not have to worry about whether or not you printed out your boarding pass before you get to the airport, as you will just simply need to show your mobile device and the barcode.  Now all you will have to worry about is whether or not your luggage will get lost on the way to your destination.

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  • NFL Going To Verizon
    Posted on March 10, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The NFL has just signed an agreement with Verizon wireless for a four year deal that will bring NFL Mobile to Verizon users.  This comes after Sprint decided that the price to carry the NFL sponsorship did not seem to be cost effective.  It should be online, right before the NFL draft that will be happening in April.  In conjunction with the deal, Verizon wireless will become the official NFL wireless provider.  This new app will enable users to keep track of their favorite teams no matter where they are especially on their BlackBerry Curve 8520 unlocked cell phone device.

    One of the favorites is going to be the NFL RedZone channel that will give you a look at all of the key plays and touchdowns from the Sunday games.  You will be able to watch live video from the Friday night and Thursday night football games from NBC.  You also get the NFL network channel that operates 365 days and 24 hours per day to get all of your football news and scores.  You also be able to get game highlights, as well as being able to check out some of the NFL films.  You will have live broadcasts on the radio for every game including the playoffs.  For all of you fantasy football enthusiasts, you will have access to unlimited information as well as news and player statistics.

    No NFL program would be complete without being able to get signature ring tones, graphics and getting NFL alerts that you have customized.  You can kick off this new program for Verizon by taking advantage of it for the upcoming draft.  You will not miss any of the exciting news of the draft because the program will give you a live feed of the draft as it happens right on your BlackBerry Storm 2 or other unlocked cell phone.  It will also have tons of news; lots of blogs that will let you keep track of everyone that is picked moment by moment.  No pricing has been released yet, but it should be available very soon.

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  • The Samsung S8000 Jet Unlocked is very lightweight and easy to handle.  This phone has all of the things that you need to come to expect in a touchscreen smart phone.  This phone has a 3-D interface upgrade with a 3.1 inch screen, which uses 16M color resistive AMOLED that gives you 800x480 screen resolution.  It also has the TouchWiz interface that allows you to freely roam the touchscreen phone.

    Samsung S8000 Jet Rose Black 2GB Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    It also has Wi-Fi capability and has a five megapixel camera with digital recording.  The camera comes with auto focus and has the face detection, imaged stabilization and geo-tagging.  It has the quad band GSM and is 3G with the HSDPA 3.6 Mbps and HSUPA support.  It does have a GPS receiver, although it does not have a pre-installed navigation software.  It has plenty of storage as it has 8GB internal memory, and also has the microSD slot.  It has the stereo FM radio, as well as the microUSB port and has stereo Bluetooth v2.0.  One of the unique things about this phone is it has the Web browser that has full Flash and Java support.

    It will give you up to eight hours of talk time and up to 422 hours of standby time.  This candy bar phone has all of the right things for people looking for a phone of this caliber.  You will be able to browse the web as well as stay in touch with all of your friends and family via all of your favorite social networks.  It has all those organizing applications to keep your life on track.  It is fairly thin and lightweight with rounded edges.  The Samsung S8000 Jet unlocked mobile device is available right now at PureMobile.  The bonus is you can have it shipped to your door within 3 to 5 days.

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  • Okay all you major league baseball fans, once again the ever popular At Bat application is available for download at the Apple app store.  You can purchase this app for the one-time charge of $14.99, and it is ready now so you will be able to keep up with all of your favorite baseball teams.  The application allows baseball fans to keep track of their home team, as well as other teams and how they are doing in the standings.  With opening day just around the corner you may want to think about getting this application now so you can keep up with all of the current news or in spring training and the exhibition games.

    This application let you catch all of the games that matter where you are.  You can either listen or watch the games on your unlocked iPhone, but just the careful if you are doing this to work!  This app is especially great for those that have moved away from their favorite teams and do not want to miss any of the games in their local market.  It also gives you the most up-to-date information about other games and scores as well as player information and statistics.  It will also give you highlights of games, as well as to be able to notify you based on your input.  This app has won the best multimedia app from MacWorld, and was named most valuable application of 2009 by Sports Illustrated.

    BlackBerry Accessories

    This year's version we even allow you to listen or watch to spring training and give you all the breaking news in regard to player trades and other major league baseball news.  It will take you all the way through the playoffs and World Series as well.  And for all of those that have Blackberry cell phones or android mobile devices, you will also be able to download the application as well.  Check out the At Bat 2010 at your app store, and do not miss one inning of your favorite team.

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