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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Moshi for iPad
  • Many of the cell phone carriers are secretly planning for the lineup of cell phones they plan to launch over the holiday season. Somehow the T-mobile lineup has been leaked and we are now privy to all of their plans for the next few months. For the month of October they plan to launch a total of four new phones and in November they plan to double that by introducing eight additional new phones by November 2.

    For a quick rundown of the timeline, the following is the information that we were able to receive from reports online. On October 19, T-mobile will be releasing three phones from three separate manufacturers, an HTC such as unlocked HTC Raider, a Samsung, and a Huawei. From there, we are set to see another release by Samsung on approximately October 26.T-Mobile Holiday Roadmap Leaked With Dates

    On November 2, T-mobile is set to release 6 phones all at once. We are not 100% sure what the exact models will be but it's fair to say they will conclude the lineup for the remainder of the holidays. There will also be to additional releases in November but it is speculated that one will be a tablet and the other a low-end phone.

    It is important to note that the documents leaked are somewhat old. Given that things change often in this industry, you can expect some slight variation from the noted schedule and the types of phones to be released. So don't take this information as fact but merely speculation and to provide a general outline of the mobiles plans over the next couple of months. If you're in the market for new cell phone such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy Ace and maybe an idea to keep note of this information and use it during your buying process. For all you know it can help you get a few extra bucks off with a competitor when you can mention what's planned by T-mobile.

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  • Rest in Peace Steve Jobs
    Posted on October 6, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The recent passing of Steve Jobs has to be seen as not only a loss for Apple, but also for innovation in general. Steve Jobs is responsible for many areas of technology that are now considered normal and mainstream. His vision and leadership paved the way for innovation to take form in the shape of style.

    Let's face it because of Steve Jobs, Apple is seen as and is considered cool. From the early days of the revived Macintosh to the introduction of the iPod and those cool white earphones, Steve Jobs made it all happen.

    Rest in Peace Steve Jobs

    When it comes to digital music it is no coincidence that Apple is leading the competition in that area. Steve Jobs figured out how to bridge the gap between the traditional music world and the online needs that users have to both buy and consume music online. And because of it, we are now seeing many other companies provide a similar service which in the end benefits us as consumers. We may not realize it but the environment that Steve Jobs helped to create now gives us music cheaper, faster and available to us directly through our cell phones.

    The cool factor that Steve Jobs brought to technology can also be seen in the iMac, MacBook, and the MacBook air. All of these devices can be seen as having a modern design to it and is what the younger generation both wants and appreciates.

    The iPhone is a combination of Steve Jobs vision, leadership, and attention to detail. We thank Steve Jobs for all he has done for this industry and hope that he has instilled his vision to Apple allowing them to innovate for many more years to come. We have mixed feelings about news of his death and the Apple press conference, in some weird way Steve Jobs has left us with his most successful technological innovation.

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  • The web based Hotmail application by Microsoft has been a staple online for a very long time. We’ve seen very few updates and things seem to be more or less of the same. With of 365 million users you would think that Microsoft would try and leverage their base into applications that are more mobile friendly.

    Microsoft recently held a press conference called Give Hotmail a Second Look. It was designed as an event to showcase some new features of the service. Most were expecting and hoping for a radically change in the user interface to compete better with Google Gmail and other popular email based programs. Instead the new features are mostly under the hood and based around syncing you email with other devices such as unlocked cell phone like unlocked Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY 3G.Microsoft Hotmail App Available for Android

    The biggest announcement is the launch of an Android app for Hotmail. The main features of the app are support for calendar and contact syncing as well as 2-way email. You can now also automatically categorize you mail into folders and easily trash any email you no longer wish to receive. Microsoft will even assist in the process by communicating with the sender for you that you are no longer interested in getting email from them. Another important feature is the ability to flag messages. Think of it similar to the Google priority inbox, you can make certain emails from certain people more important. There is also a useful scheduling feature where you can set instructions / filter up to automatically process emails a certain why once it hit a certain date.

    The user interface has stayed the same but the new features are important to note as they help email management be a lot easier and also is starting to support native devices such as mobile phones like unlocked Samsung Nexus S. We assume that Microsoft will continue on the path of updating its services to stay in line with the times.

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  • This week is all about Apple and the many different releases they have coming as well as the new features included with each. The most exciting of the bunch is the release of the iPhone 5 and it was the main topic of discussion during their press conference. To accompany the iPhone 5 will be the release of their operating system to support the phone. The iOS 5 will be available as of October 12th. Early reports say that there are some 200+ features enhancements and new features.Apple iOS 5 Operating System Available October 12

    The Gold Master version of the iOS 5 operating system will be released in the next couple of days to allow for developers to review the changes and start building their 3rd party applications to take advantage of the new features. Doing this allows the launch of the iPhone 5 to have applications available that make use of the new hardware specs and software upgrades. Be prepared to have to make updates to a majority of the applications you have downloaded on to your Apple device.Apple iOS 5 Operating System Available October 12

    Of the 200+ new features announced at the press conference, there are a few worth mentioning that can be considered major. First off the notifications system of the operating system has been redone. There is also something called iMessage which is included and also the built in Twitter integration. Other than that the only other newsworthy release is concerning the Apple Newsstand.

    Everyone is excited this week as Apple has released quite a few new pieces of hardware and software for the holiday season. Moving forward we will be hearing more about them and they will each be reviewed in more detail. For now, start planning to upgrade either your unlocked iPhone 4 or all the applications you have installed on your apple device. The iOS upgrade will almost require it.

    This post was posted in Apple and was tagged with unlocked Iphone 4, iphone 4 accessories

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  • The ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ press conference by Apple has come and gone and they have left us with quite a bit to chew on and process. The conference started off with a recap of the market share data since their last conference. Growth of their Apple Stores, the iMac, Macbook Air, and other devices such as unlocked iPhone 4 has shown steady growth within the marketplace. Their online services such as iTunes, music downloads, registered gamers, and iOS installations also grew by leaps and bounds.Let’s talk iPhone Press Conference Recap

    They also discussed the sales of the iPad and the customer satisfaction rate being as high as 95%. Validation by the health care industry and also fortune 500 company we also mentioned in the data. Apple clearly wants to solidify that it is the premier tablet that has already received big business acceptance.

    Toward the later part of the press conference Apple then locked into the release of the iPhone 5 along with the supporting issues of the phone. They mentioned that the new iOS 5 has already been seeded to 100k developers so users can expect applications to take advantage of the new features of the phone right away. Another interesting released is the iCloud service and iTunes Match. The iCloud is self explanatory in that you can store all you media online and the Family and Friends allows you to share your location with others and comes with very strict privacy controls.Let’s talk iPhone Press Conference Recap

    Another interesting service launched is the Apple Siri. It is a voice controlled service that allows you to speak to your device and it will show the answer on the screen. They used weather forecasting as an example asking for the hourly forecast or weather forecast for a particular date. You can also ask simple things like what is the time in Paris.

    This is just a small sample of the topics of the press conference. More is sure to come out in more details over the next few days.

    This post was posted in Apple and was tagged with unlocked Iphone 4, iphone 4 accessories

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  • The Best of Cheap Android Phones
    Posted on October 4, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Google Android operating system is used by many manufacturers as the default software for the top of the line mobile phone offerings. The beauty of Android is that it is light and can be used on less than powerful devices. Of the phone available, we’ve selected what we consider the best Android phones for those on a budget but want the experience of a smartphone.

    The Best of Cheap Android Phones

    Unlocked LG Optimus One

    Most high end Android phone do not do so well on the battery life side of things. One of the benefits of a lower end phone is the battery consumption needed to perform various tasks. The Unlocked LG Optimus One has a 1500mah battery that is capable of holding a charge of for days and giving you 48 hours of talk time. Other features of the phone including a 3.2 inch screen display as well as a 600mhz cpu processor. You also have the ability to upgrade the phone to the Android 2.3 operating system.

    Unlocked HTC Wildfire S

    Next up is the HTC Wildfire S unlocked that has several enhancements to it predecessor the HTC Wildfire. You’ll enjoy 600mhz processor, a higher resolution screen with sharper images, a five mega pixel camera, and Wifi / 3G connections. The size of the phone is small and should be a favorite for those who want the power of the HTC Desire S but don’t want to shell out the big bucks.

    Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Mini

    Last but not least is the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Mini that is part of Galaxy family that has been so popular with Samsung. The screen size is 3.14 inches and comes with the Android 2.2 OS installed. The phone supports a MicroSD memory card and also has a rugged feel to it able to withstand a few drops.

    The Best of Cheap Android Phones

    There you have, our top 3 picks of affordable Android based phones. You’ll enjoy the experience of the Android operating system without putting to much of a dent in your pocket.

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  • Recent numbers by Net Applications suggest that Apple is continuing to dominate the market for several of their operating systems. The Apple iOS device such as unlocked iphone 4, ipad, etc. that manages their mobile device users appears to have 54.65% of global market share in September. This is up from the 53.04% reported in August. The Java ME platform came in at a distant second with 18.52% market share while Android right behind them with 16.25% market share. The remaining mobile operating systems in the report have Symbian coming in at 6.12% and Blackberry a measly 3.29% which is low compared to the market share Blackberry had no to long ago.

    Apple’s iOS & Mac OS X Continue to Gain Market Share

    The Apple Mac OS X is also gaining ground in the computer operating space as well. This month has been their best yet coming in with a 6.25% market share which is slightly up from 6.03% in the previous month. Not surprisingly, Microsoft continues to dominate that space with a commanding 92.44% market share. Leaving little left in the market has Linux coming in at 1.11% which is very small and insignificant. Sure the market share will continue to change in Apple’s favor month over month but with such a commanding lead in the market, the apple percentage will be insignificant for a very long time.

    As for the mobile operating systems, the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 should change the landscape once again in the coming months. More importantly this will be the first unlocked iPhone release without Steve Jobs. Will be interested to see how the sales and market share is impacted. If the past is any indication, iPhone 5 sales will be big over the next 3 months solidifying them as the leading company in the marketplace that is more and more crowded everyday.

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  • Ever since the iPhone security bug that was transmitting location of your iPhone 4, several other handsets have had the same issues. Enter into the market a few HTC Android devices that have a similar problem to the iPhone but also goes a step further. It has been reported that there are several security flaws in some pre-installed software that HTC has been including with their Sensation and EVO 3D. There is a silent logging that allows for the following potentially dangerous activities:

    Security Flaw in Several HTC Android devices

    SMS Data and Numbers

    Don’t expect any privacy if you have the unlocked HTC Sensation or the EVO 3D. All your SMS Data and phone numbers are being tracked. They say it is on an anonymous level never having access to the specific names.

    Phone Logs

    Every call you make or receive is also being logged. No longer will wiping your history clear you phone. The information is being transmitted to the logging software that records all the activity.

    GPS Location

    Similar to the Apple unlocked iPhone 4 bug, the location of your phone is always being tracked by GPS and mapping out where it has been since you got the phone. Again this may be on an anonymous level but still important to note.

    More than Just HTC

    Security Flaw in Several HTC Android devicesThe troubling aspect of this security bug is that the information is not limited to HTC. Malicious app developers or curious ones can integrate a feature into the application to tap into your breached data and perhaps using it in ways that are less than ok. There have been no reports of malicious use but be aware that it is possible. The only way to rid yourself of this security flaw is to Root your phone which is not a simple thing that anyone can do.

    HTC has commented on the issue and said that they are trying to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Since the vulnerability has been around for months we expect this issue to be resolves ASAP. There is no telling how many users are affected and the process that will be involved to have the issue fixed.

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  • Industry experts are already weighing in on the release of the new Kindle Fire Tablet by Amazon. JP Morgan executives fell that the release falls short of what is needed to make a dent in an industry that is dominated by Apple. Executive director Mark Moskowitz suggests that in order to penetrate the tablet market such as unlocked Motorola Xoom, HTC Flyer, etc , the tablet must be fully loaded and compete with the current tablets available on the market today. He views this release of the Kindle Fire as a stepping stone to getting into the industry full fledged.


    Mixed Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire














    The Amazon Kindle Fire release does not have the specifications of some of the more powerful tablets available. It does however has a price point that is believed will open up the market to a whole new subset of consumers. At $199, more consumers are likely to jump on board as the cost is much lower than the typical $500 price point on the market today. If the JP Morgan executives are right in calling this release a stepping stone, it may be a good strategy to go with as sales of the Kindle Fire may be better than other entries in the past.

    Mixed Review of the Amazon Kindle FireBy no means is Amazon resting their success on Kindle Fire. There are already reports of Amazon working on a more powerful Quad-Core tablet codenamed “Hollywood”. This release will likely mark the official entry of Amazon into the tablet space. Expected to release in the first quarter of 2012, the tablet will include the proprietary offerings that Amazon has within their businesses including eBooks, Movies, Music, and the Cloud services. They do have some very interesting services they can include with their tablets which gives them an edge over all others that have entered the space. The next 12 months or so will give us a clue as to their long term plans in an ever crowded space.

    PureMobile carries wide range of unlocked cell phone and cell phone accessories such as Bluetooth Headsets and Car Chargers.

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  • Through filing by the FCC, it appears that Sprint is set to launch a new phone to their Android lineup. The goes by the name of the ZTE N860 which is not the greatest of names but as with others will probably change once it get closer to actually being released to the public.

    Sprint To Launch The  ZTE N860 - Gets FCC Approval

    Specifications of the device are not known, the only reference available online are a photo or two showing what the mobile phone looks like. Based on the photo, it appears that the phone is on the medium scale in terms of features as the user interface appears detailed enough suggesting a lot of features are included on the phone.

    Sprint To Launch The  ZTE N860 - Gets FCC ApprovalThe interesting thing about this release is that it marks the first time that a major national mobile carrier will carry an Android phone manufactured by ZTE. There has been a ZTE phone released in the past but that was on a local level when cricket released the ZTE Score. This could be a sign of things to come since ZTE is readily available in other countries around the world.

    ZTE may not be a commonly known name to date. Rest assured that they will soon be as common as some of the other well known brands. In fact, Microsoft has officially made ZTE an official Windows Phone Mango partners licensed to use it. With back to school in full swing and the holiday season around the corner, this release is the beginning of what will be a steady stream of phones getting approval from the FCC and Bluetooth SIG.

    There have been times where these FCC approvals do not end up getting released. The fact that the landscape of the industry changes fast does not guarantee it will be released.

    PureMobile carries wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked android phones such as  Unlocked Samsung Infuse 4G, HTC Incredible, etc..

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