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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Moshi for iPad
  • New Twitter App Available for iPhone
    Posted on August 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The new Twitter application for the unlocked iPhone 4 has received an update. This update will bring the version number to 3.3.6, which should make the application much better overall, given the feature that they have updated. They have also included functionality that allows for the application to run in other languages including Dutch, Indonesian, Russian, and Portuguese. In addition to the languages, users will be able to add localization of their so that the application will immediately bring up trees and other information from the region that they are in. To say the least, it will be interesting to see if they are able to put together in her application with a small update. In the past winter has been able to update your application with features that have made it a lot better and easier to use for their users.

    New Twitter App Available for iPhone 4

    The application is already available in the iTunes application store, and can be downloaded to your phone. It is one of the better applications than we have seen in recent times and the fact that they continue to update it make it a very viable option. Unlike the Facebook application, which has received a lot of criticism over the years for not properly updating their application to the needs of users, the twitter application has been well updated and has addressed many of the concerns that users have had over the course of the last few years.


    Although this update might be a small one, you can bet that it will continue to be updated, just as it has in the past when iphone 4 unlocked users discover issues within the application itself. The localization options are added to the application will definitely make it better for users in other countries to get information that specifically adhere to the country that they are in.

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  • The LG Thrill 4G Review
    Posted on August 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The unlocked LG (Thrill 4G) is a device that has been highly anticipated by many. It has a number of great features into a comment at LG tries to regain market share that they had previously admitted disappointing efforts. The company has made it a real goal of theirs to ensure that they are able to put together excellent devices that users will want to have in their pockets. The LG Thrill 4G is one of a number of devices that they have released that seems to reach and maybe even surpasses the expectations of their users.

    LG Thrill 4G Review

    The device comes with a 4.3 inch 800 x 480 pixel screen that is able to display bowl two-dimensional and three-dimensional content on the fly. It weighs a total of 5.9 ounces, and is comparable to many of the higher end smart phones that are currently out there.


    The device will also run on Android 2.2, an operating system that has been highly popular. AT&T has also promised that the software will be available on the Android 2.3 gingerbread operating system pending an update. The operating system runs smoothly on the device would seem to have the specs to handle it and is one of the most seamless releases that the company has made. With releases like this, it is clear that LG will be able to climb back into the thick of the industry, especially when they’re interesting use of the 3D technology. Overall the unlocked LG ( Thrill 4G ) is a highly powered, high speed device that is able to deliver you high quality content at a price that makes a lot of sense. it also comes complete with a 2-D and 3D camera that allows you to capture five megapixel photos and also video and 1080p HD. All of the features that are brought to the table by the LG Thrill 4G make it a very complete device that has received rave reviews.

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  • FourSquare has added a number of features to their application to make it more usable for most users. The device has added in-line photos as long as additional polishing techniques to their application to make it look a lot better overall for most unlocked iPhone 4 users. The iPhone application has become very popular over the course of the last few years and continues to be one of the more popular options that are currently available, for those users that like to tag their applications on their favorite social networks whenever they are somewhere that they would like to share.

    Foursquare Logo

    They will be releasing an update to the iPhone application level allows for the application to run more seamlessly and will also allow for a few new features that make the application look better overall. The new visual experience can be seen throughout the entire application will allow you to get from one point in the application to another much more seamlessly using the new menu system that was debuted. A number of design tweaks were also included including a cleaned up header, as well as a bigger tap target within the app, which allow users to better find their way through the application.

    FourSquare Adds InLine Photos to their apps

    These design tweaks have been asked for by users for quite some time, and you can bet that they will continue to update the application of the users call for more additions. The updates that they gave me out during this most recent updating thing were sorely needed, and that provided users with a better overall experience making it easier to use the application as it was meant to be. The iPhone 4 unlocked applications was one that has been highly popular, and led to force were being one of the largest location tagging applications for any device, and the iPhone application was integral in helping them to grow.

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  • Google will be acquiring Motorola in a surprising move that will shake up the mobile industry and will definitely change the way that the industry had from here on out. The acquisition will take place for a total of $12.5 billion overall, and will allow for the company to be able to put together an excellent portfolio to protect themselves and to take other companies to court.

    Google Acquires Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion

    Google will be competing with Apple and the unlocked iPhone 4, and this acquisition will allow them to secure a large amount of difference smart devices that will allow for them to be able to put together one of the largest mobile tech companies in the world. This acquisition is one of the largest that the industry has seen in recent years, and you can bet that there are many different companies upset about this acquisition. With Google already under investigation for having a monopoly over several parts of the tech industry, this acquisition is definitely not going to help them with their case if they do not have a monopoly.


    Google is a company that is constantly repositioning themselves to shake up the industry, and this acquisition is not going to be any different for them. Their commitment to the Android platform is apparent with this purchase, as it will allow them to have more control over the devices that utilize Android such as unlocked Motorola Atrix and will also allow them to change their future for the better.

    Google Acquires Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion

    It is hard to think of acquisition in recent memory that shows as much of a shakeup as this one did. It has been an interesting week within the industry, but you can bet that this one will definitely change the industry quite a bit over the course of the next few months. Being able to get a hold of all of those different patterns will help Google in court, and will also allow them to produce new and exciting devices.

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  • Sony EricssonSony Ericsson will be re-launching versions of two of their most popular devices. To start, the company will be re-launching the Xperia Mini, as well as the unlocked Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini pro. These devices have been two of the most popular that they have released throughout their history, and you can bet that they will continue to launch new features with these devices. Both ancestral features a 3 inch touchscreen display that is one of the best that we have seen on their devices, as well as a five megapixel camera and a 1 GHz snapdragon processor.

    The first generation of these phones also have these features, but the primary difference is that the Mini Pro will also feature a slide out QWERTY keyboard, and will be a device that is considered to be great for texting and sending information. The new headsets look identical to the previous versions of the devices with only a few subtle differences. The screen size has been bumped up from 2.55 inches up to 3 inches.XPERIA Mini Pro

    The device will also feature a five megapixel camera as well as the ability to record 720p HD video. Sony Ericsson will be revising their user experience for all phones such as unlocked Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY 3G, and will allow them to be more usable by users. They will also have a new battery which should add up to 30% more battery life overall. It is definitely an interesting development for the company, and re-launching their most popular devices is something that is going to help them to put together an excellent array of different devices that are going to be available to users. These upgrades are not going to be huge, but will be enough to entice some users to utilize their devices. So far, the company has not been asked to re-launch devices, but the fact that they are doing so here is definitely going to be in their favor.

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  • Android MalwareMalware is something that has been present on many different Android phones such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II, over the course of the last few years. The recent addition to the device, a number of safeguards, to ensure that you’re able to put together a good array of different applications without having to worry at all about malware and adware. The entry market is one that has taken great steps to ensure that there is no harmful software that is rather their marketplace, but it appears that if you have snuck by in recent times. The new application that is causing so much trouble will disguise itself as the Google+ application, and then has the capability to record your phone calls, and other information through the GPS software that is installed on the phone.Google+

    Yeah will install itself on various Android phones such as unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia pro, making users think that it is a Google+ application, and will even utilize the Google+ icon to get users to download the application. This new version of the old software ANDROIDOS_NICKISPY.A, and .B. this new version of the device is called the .C version. It will be interesting to see how quickly they are able to get rid of the software on all of the different phones. At this point, it does not appear that the phone is all that widespread at this point, and is not currently listed in the interim marketplace. This is only installing on various handsets that were used by visitors that visited a malicious website. Removal of the app is just as easy as uninstalling the application and there is nothing more to it than that. It will be interesting to hear what kind of changes were made to the software in order to get it to stick with previous versions of the software ran on the operating system. Android malware is something that has been running rampant as of late and continues to be a problem that Google is doing what.

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  • Carriers Considering LTE 4G iPhone
    Posted on August 16, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The various large carriers out there have done a lot of testing on different devices that are out there. Now they are looking at testing the LTE enabled 4G iPhone and the device looks as if it will be making its way to Verizon. It would be interesting to see this device as there is currently no 4G iPhone. Apple was involved in a rumor that stated that they were going to be looking at releasing a 4G enabled iPhone later in the month. A number of different large media sources have claimed that they were going to be looking at releasing a 4G iPhone as soon as they could.LTE 4G iPhone

    A number of companies have been claimed to have tested the 4G iPhone, but now it appears to be headed toward Verizon. The IOS is an operating system for unlocked iPhone 4 that can continue to grow along with new releases from the company. The fact that they are looking at testing new versions of the device is something that would definitely be in the best interest of both Apple and the companies that are doing the testing. This of course does not guarantee that Apple even be considering shipping of an LTE Smart device. However, it does look as if the testing will be going on during late 2011 and you can bet that if the testing goes well that there could be a release around that same time. Orgy compatibility for the iPhone would definitely bring a lot of people to the platform and would be a much needed upgrade for the device. It will be interesting to see if they are able to put together a plan that will allow for it to be utilized with different carriers and also will be a very popular option, as all iPhone devices are. The iPhone in 4G format would be highly anticipated by many.

    This post was posted in Apple and was tagged with unlocked Iphone 4, Carriers Considering LTE 4G iPhone

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  • A recent released by the analytical company PEW as stated that a recent survey that they conducted showed that over half of the US mobile phone customers utilize their cell phones for the retrieval of information. They have been able to put together a wide range of different options that are currently available that utilize the Internet for information retrieval, and it is apparent that many customers in the US think that information retrieval is a very important part of the process. Currently 51% of all adults in the US that own a cell phone such as unlocked HTC 7 Surround, to utilize the funds to grab information that they need right away off of the Internet.Pew Logo

    The additional 40% that was surveyed say that they use their phones only for emergencies. As many as 42% of the total so that they utilize their phones to get rid of the boredom that they have on a day-to-day basis and the group between 18 and 29 years old stated that 70% of them utilize the phone to stave off boredom.US Customers Use Cell Phones For Info Retrieval

    A total of 92% of smartphone owner said that they utilize their phone to send text messages and also stated that they utilize their phone to take a picture at the same percentage. 84% said that they use their phone to access the Internet and, 80%, stated that they utilize their phone to send a photo or video to someone that they know. Sending and receiving e-mail was also high on the list with a total of 76% of the total number survey. 69% said that they like to download half utilizing their own while 64% stated that music was the main reason they utilize their smartphone such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II. It will be interesting to see how these numbers change over the course of the next few years and whether or not they’re going to be able to put together a good idea why people utilize their own future.

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  • According to a number of documents that leaked from inside of T-Mobile, it appears that the company may be looking to charge over his charges further 200 MB Internet plans for unlocked cell phone such as unlocked Samsung Infuse, Samsung Fascinate, etc.. There are currently a number of plans, and the company has never charged over charges for these things in the past. As it currently stands, the company is going to limit results by throttling broadband speed of your Internet. This would force your browser to surf and download a very very slow pace. This adjustment to the plan would take the option away completely and would really change the way that the plans were for the company. This could add extra money to your monthly bill, and will really change the way that you go about using over your data amount that you pay for a three-year plan.

    T-Mobile Plans Overage Charges Starting August for 200 MB Plans

    As of right now he overthrew the plan is of $30, which could prevent people from running up their bills far too much. This will only affect the lower plan, which currently sits at 200 MB. Along with this there is also currently a 2 GB plan for those that are looking to spend a little more but not have to worry about these overage charges. Currently there is no telling how quickly the policy could spread, through the rest of their plans at some point in the very near future. The company has not yet officially announced this information, but continues to make arrangements in order to release this new plan. It will be interesting to see if they are able to keep this under wraps until a starts to spread to the rest of the plans as well. It will be interesting to see what their plans are for this overage charge plan and whether or not they plan to take it to the rest of the plans that they currently have available well.

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  • It appears as if Wal-Mart is now looking to play by Apple’s rules when it comes to the in-house applications. Wal-Mart announced that their subsidiary company, Vudu, a company that recently launched in unlocked iphone 4 and ipad excess of a web application that will allow users to stream more than 20,000 movies and television shows directly from the web. This is something that Apple has been looking to limit, and it looks as though Vudu is not looking to play by the rules when it comes to these types of things.

    Walmart Looking to Get Around Apple App Rules With Vudu

    The new service will allow for users to rent and purchase movies that are available on the market, as well as TV shows and other media. It will be interesting to see what Apple has to say about the way that they have gone about allowing users to access it without having to first go through the IOS application marketplace.


    Customers will be able to utilize the VUDU Web application in order to access the application without having to go to Apple, which could raise some problems moving into the future. So far, they have been able to put together a list of more than 20,000 blockbusters and classics that are going to be available through the platform.

    Walmart Looking to Get Around Apple App Rules With Vudu

    Movies that are purchased or rented through the system can be viewed through as well as through the web application. There are currently more than 300 consumer electronics devices that are available through the platform and it will be interesting to see how quickly this picks up, perhaps challenging Hulu. The entire catalog will be available for a limited time at a reduced price, and prices for rentals and purchases are expected to go up sometime in the near future.

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