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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Moshi for iPad
  • Steve Jobs has been ordered to appear in court in order to answer questions about the iTunes antitrust case. Jobs has been shrouded in rumors in recent weeks regarding his health, so some have suggested that perhaps this court order means that he is in better health than some of the rumors have suggested. The antitrust case was first filed in 2005. It alleged that Apple and their iTunes store for unlocked iphone 4 and ipad  had a complete monopoly over online music sales. While this may have been true at the time, a number of other services have popped up as the mobile market has continued to expand and other manufacturers launch their own music applications.

    The antitrust case states that changes that Apple made to iTunes in 2004 prevented other companies from being played on devices that were released by Apple. The court stated that Jobs had first hand knowledge of their strategies and issues, and that was the reason why he has been called to appear.


    As of right now, Jobs is currently on medical leave from the company, and has not stated when he expects to return. He took a leave of absence in 2009 as well, but this one differs because Jobs is remaining the acting CEO, even while he is on medical leave and will still be involved in larger, overarching strategic decisions that have been placed.


    It will be interesting to see what kind of quotes from his testimony are released, if any. Jobs was not expected to be summoned to the court because of his medical problems. This could suggest that perhaps his health is better than some have speculated, but Jobs himself has not released any direct statements regarding the state of his health and has only asked that the media attempt to respect his privacy.


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  • Although T-Mobile was recently acquired by AT&T, still many fans were anticipating the release of the T-Mobile LG G2x that was first seen during the CTIA Wireless 2011. The device will run the Android 2.2 operating system and has amazing specs that make the small device extremely quick. The device will feature a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor that will be more than enough to power the operating system and then some. The applications during the hands on seemed as if they opened up and then closed seemingly instantly. The 4G network will also help to speed up the browsing of websites, creating an all-around very quick machine.

    The G2X phone feels great in the end, and has the specs that match some of the top devices int eh space that are being released over the course of the next few months. One of the biggest complaints is that the screen seems to really hold fingerprints quite well. The device will also feature an 8 megapixel camera, which is above the curve in terms of phones with these devices.


    Although T-Mobile has seemingly reached its end and will become a part of the AT&T network at some point in all likelihood, that does not mean that the G2x will not be one of hte most impressive phones released this year - that much is already clear from the hands on that was granted. The device will easily be one of the fastest available, the the company has managed to keep the battery life manageable.

    Watch for the company to continue to expand the number of top notch smart devices that they offer moving forward. This is one of a few top tier smart devices that have been rumored to be coming to T-Mobile prior to the merger. It is not clear if these devices will be absolved into the AT&T brand name, or if the company will allow T-Mobile to continue to operate under its own name for the time being. From the hands on it is clear that the G2x will be one of the top flight smart devices in the world moving forward.



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  • Unlocked Motorola Atrix 4G Review
    Posted on March 23, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Unlocked Motorola Atrix 4G is a device that has received a lot of attention in recent months. The smart device will have a number of high profile accessories that will allow the device to dock to both laptops and phones. It is easily the most versatile device on the market today. It will double as a laptop, desktop computer, set top box and smart phone, all in one device. It features a 4 inch,  960 x 540 display that will make it unlike any other device out there on the market.


    It has certainly surpassed the expectations of many. The design of hte phone is one of its weakest points, with most of hte case being made out of plastic. However, that does not mean that it is not put together quite solidly, and it is quite hard to break. It also features both USB and HDMI ports on the left side of the phone. The back of the phone features a rear facing five megapixel camera that comes complete with LED flash. The speakers are lcoated on the bottom side of the phone.

    The battery life of th ephone is one of its strongest selling points. Although it will not last as long as other smart devices, the large number of features in conjunction with its ability to last more than 24 hours on a single charge with moderate use. The Motorola Atrix 4G unlocked has been a highly anticipated phone since some of the original features were announced, and it seems to have delivered on nearly everything that was promised. We were pleasantly surprised with the speed of the device, and the fact that it has so many accessories which extend the use of the device make it truly one of a kind, and should help it to become one of the most sought after devices in 2011 with ease.

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  • Logitech was recently seen hiring Android developers for what they described as a ground breaking upcoming release. While it is not currently clear whether or not this is the groundbreaking release they referenced, the company is releasing a new Squeezebox app for Android users such as unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, LG Eve GW620, etc  that will allow users to remotely control their Squeezebox. The app will utilizes a Wi-Fi connection and will allow users to use all of the usual controls that were not previously available in remote format.


    The app will also utilize the album artwork for whatever music you are playing at the current time. It will be interesting to see if htis is the groundbreaking release that they previously referenced. The app will only be available for Android 2.1 or later. The app will reportedly work with the Squeezebox Touch, Squeezebox Boom and Squeezebox Duet.

    The app is already available in the market, and more details can be found on the Logitech website, outlining all of the different uses that are included in the application. A full description is available there as well. It is good to see Logitech releasing applications for the Squeezebox which is a device that has received a lot of press over the course of the last few months, and many users were eagerly awaiting the release of an official remote app, since the device primarily works as an end-table music provider.


    Now Logitech fans can start speculating about the hiring of the android developers. The description of the job on their website seemed to suggest a much larger project than a simple remote app, but the company has not had many releases within the Android market so this could be the project that they were referencing after all. Logitech will probably not publicly address the issue, especially if this is not the project that they were referencing.


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  • The tablet market has been heating up in recent weeks. With Apple successfully launching their unlocked iphone 4 and iPad 2 device to much critical acclaim, it appears as if SamSung is attempting to match, if not surpass the features that hte ocmpany offered with the upgraded version of the iPad. They have announced their new Galaxy Tab lineup that they have called the “thinnest mobile tablets” in the world at this time. The new tablets will have both 10.1 inch and 8.9 inch displays. These tablets will be a bit thinner than the iPad, and will be only 8.6 millimeters in width, and will weigh only 595 grams, which is much less than other tablets. The smaller, 8.9 inch display version will only weigh a total of 470 grams, which is nearly as little as some of the heavier smart phones out on the market.

    The devices will run on Android 3.0 honeycomb and will have a 1GHz dual core processor. The rear camera on the devices will be three megapixels and will also feature a 2 megapixel front facing camera that is able to record videos up to 1080p HD. All in all,t eh recently announced devices surpass the expectations of the users that have been eagerly awaiting the next version of the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy ( Tab).

    They are clearly following in Apple’s footsteps in an attempt to make the tablets as light and thin as possible to make them easily mobile. The 16 GB model of the 10.1 inch screen will cost $499, while the 32 GB will cost $599 total. The 16 GB model of the 8.9 inch model will cost a total of $469 while the 32 GB version will cost $569, which is a big discount over previous versions of the device, with only a slightly smaller screen.

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  • Motorola Droid 3 Pictures Released
    Posted on March 21, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Motorola typically tries to keep their phones such as Unlocked Motorola XT720 under wraps for as long as they can, but recently pictures of the Motorola DROID 3 made their way on line. The company has released one of their Droid devices each year, and the shots that made their way online look very promising. The phone will, of course, feature a QWERTY keyboard that slides out from under the display. The pictures do not tell that much about what users can expect of the phone, but things are looking up for the Droid 3 from what we can tell so far.

    One of the bigger things that can be deciphered from the pictures that made their way online was the inclusion of a dedicated number row. This means that you will no longer have to hit the alt key when you want to hit numbers on your QWERTY keyboard. Although it is not completely clear from the photos, it also looks as if the phone will feature both a microUSB and an HDMI output port. You can see the ports on the bottom of the phone in some of the pictures but there is no direct shot of either of the ports.

    In line with the direc tion that the company went with the Droid 2, it looks as though they have abandoned the idea of having a D pad on the phone, and instead have gone with the same similar arrow keys that were seen in the previous version of the device.


    Not a lot can be deciphered from the pictures. They mostly show the display of the phone, such as Unlocked Motorola Milestone XT720 but do give us a good idea of how big, and what the keyboard will look like. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception the device gets when it is finally released. Motorola typically releases one new Droid for users every year, and this one seems to be along the same lines as the Droid 2.

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  • Google Search App Gets New Toolbar
    Posted on March 20, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Google is always trying to find ways to innovate their apps and make them more user friendly. Now, instead of having to navigate through their text links on their website, they have updated their app to include a side bar that will give you access to all of the popular Google sub domains that help you to strengthen your searching capabilities.

    The new sidebar for the app looks very much like the sidebar that you see on your Unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a when you make a search in your browser on your desktop on Google. You can easily navigate between “everything,” which will show you images, news, blogs, videos, and websites all on the same search yield. The sidebar also allows you to narrow your search down to precisely what you are looking for. This means that if you are specifically searching for an image or a video, you can easily select the option on the sidebar, just as you would do on their website, normally, and have your searches filtered.

    This added functionality should make many users happy. The company also released a video demonstration of their app update. The update, as of right now is only being rolled out on iOS devices, but expect it to become available for all mobile OS at some point in the near future.


    some have stated that the side bar takes up too much of the screen, but Google addressed this by allowing you to slide the search results screen over the sidebar when you are sifting through the search results. This should make the entire app much more easily navigable, and the added functionality is something that Unlocked Samsung Nexus S Google users have been waiting for for quite some time. Before, you had to work your way through their text links as you would on the normal Google homepage to narrow down your search results. This was cumbersome, and many users found it to not be worth their time in the long run.

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  • Some web applications and games that are commonly launched from the home screen of iOS devices are having problems using the new iOs 3 Nitro Javascript Engine. The older versions of the devices are having trouble using the web cache and the necessary resources in-browser, and therefore are unable to launch the apps. Some have suggested that perhaps the new engine has not yet received the extension that will allow it to use the outside of browser web user interface tools. Others have suggested that the Safari team has indicated in recent days that the issue is not going to be resolved.

    Apple has always made it clear that they are pursuing HTML 5 technology over Adobe Flash, which Apple has had an ongoing war with over the course of the last few years. HTML 5 would open iOs devices up for web app use like unlocked iphone 4, and access to the Javascript engine is going to be imperative to the success of the new technology on the devices.

    However, this could mean that Apple is just slowly rolling out the connectivity to the JavaScript engine. The company has remained mostly silent about the issue, and has not publicly addressed the problem as of yet. The new code that they could potentially be rolling out would be quite complicated, and the developers that are being affected are currently a small minority of the overall number of developers, so perhaps Apple has placed them on a bit of a back burner while they focus on other issues.

    Some of these issues were brought up on the Apple support forums, which created a good amount of healthy discussion on the issue. Apple has yet to comment on the forums, but users seem to think that older versions of the iOS are holding the company back from making the changes that they would like to make to enable the HTML 5 technology and thus allow developers to get a head start on creating new web apps for iOS devices like iphone 4 unlocked.

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  • HTC Shooter Sighting
    Posted on March 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    HTC has kept their rumored HTC Shooter smart phone under wraps quite well since the rumors first started. Now, it looks as though some testing has been taking place with Sprint and the company incidently uploaded the results of their test online.

    Hardware engineers have to know how well their upcoming super phones can turn out 3D images when compared to competing phones. The phone will reportedly run on Android like unlocked HTC Vision G2 Desire Z, and was testing using a tool that is named GLBenchmark. Basically, this tool looks at how well your phone performs when compared to a similar phone, and then will upload the results of the test in your online account, which others can publicly view.

    The results that were uploaded online fall just short of the numbers that were set by the HD Mini, but well ahead of the numbers set by the HTC Aria. The benchmarking software is not able to look at every aspect of the device when it is turning out these numbers, but it did provide some very interesting hardware specs that many have been waiting for.

    The benchmark tests revealed that the phone will be running on Sprint, and will be running on the Gingerbread version of Android, which is version 2.3.2. the 960x540 resolution display is quite large overall. It will be based on, what appears to be anyway, the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU (based on the numbers that were released by the benchmark) and will also most likely be a dual-core CPU. Some have suggested that this will not be a new smart super phone after all, and instead will be a successor to the EVO. Look for the company to release more information about the device in the coming weeks to clear up some of the confusion that the benchmark results may have created.

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  • Google has always done a very good job of getting their users to upgrade to new versions when upgrades are available. That, plus the fact that newer devices are running on updated versions of the Android software means that more than 60% of their users are running on Android 2.2 or higher such as unlocked Samsung Nexus S Google Black. In fact. A vast majority of their users are either running 2.3, or 2.3 which seems to be the most popular option for new smart devices that have come out in recent months.

    Most devices are currently being upgraded to either 2.2 or 2.3, and with version 3.0, Gingerbread right around the corner you can exact many new devices to be released for that version of the operating system as well. Android 1.6 still has 4.8% of the user base, while Android 1.5 still has 3% of the total user base.

    Google also announced in a recent press release that they are activating more than 300,000 new phones per day. A number of these devices will be making their way to the Canadian market here soon, and users can expect these devices to run on Android 2.2 or higher when the release time comes.

    This just goes to show how adept Google has become and getting their users to upgrade to new versions when the upgrade is available for all of the new features offered. Comparatively,Apple updates have done well as well such as in unlocked iphone 4, but have not seen the same level of success that Google has seen. There are going to be many new devices coming out in the future that are highly anticipated, running on Google Android 2.2 or higher, so expect these numbers to continue to climb here in the future as well.

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