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100,000 DROID Smartphones Sold in First Weekend

Analysts are estimating that 100,000 Verizon DROID smartphones, dubbed the “iPhone killer” were sold in the first weekend alone since the phone's launch. The DROID's comparisons to the iPhone come from the similarity of their features, and sales show that consumers are eager to embrace the DROID. Experts estimated that the iPhone's first weekend sales back in July of 2007 were up to 246,000 units, while the record for a Sprint device opening weekend sales goes to the Palm Pre, which sold over 50,000 the weekend of its launch in June 2009. The high sales for the DROID may not seem to be a match for those of the iPhone, but keeping in mind that the iPhone was a standout in the field of mobile phones at the time of its launch while the DROID has a number of similar models to compete with; its sales are still impressive.


What is so special about the DROID that would drive the sale of an estimated 100,000 units in one weekend? In addition to the voice-activated commands, the DROID offers a 5 megapixel camera (much higher quality than the typical 2 or 3 megapixels usually available with mobile phones), GPS, Wi-Fi, and the performance enhancing Android 2 technology. One of the most talked-about apps offers Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, at not charge. Not only does the program navigate, but also it will include street view photographs, and instantaneous traffic reports. The Motorola phone also has a feature that updates the address book with information culled from the Facebook profiles of the owners' friends. The innovative features, reports of high quality performance, and affordability factor are strengthening the DROID as a legitimate competitor to the iPhone unlocked. After selling 100,000 units in the first weekend alone, there is a good chance that the DROID's sales figures will climb even further, solidifying its status as a must-have device.