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The Essential Cell Phone Headset Buying Guide

The Essential Cell Phone Headset Buying Guide

If you are in the market for a new cell phone headset do not allow the numerous brands, styles and designs scare you away. No matter what you are looking for in a headset you can easily find something that suits all of your needs, all at a price to accommodate your budget. Use this guide to learn more about the various styles of headsets, features to look for and so much more! You’ll never fear buying a cell phone headset again!

Types of Cell Phone Headsets

People choose to use cell phone headsets for a variety of reasons, from safety issues to wanting to keep their hands-free to do other things.  Those who use headsets state they make the experience of talking on the phone much more enjoyable, as well as easier and more comfortable. Regardless of the reason you want a headset for your cell phone you can certainly find one that accommodates your needs when you understand the various types of headsets that are available.

Cell phone headsets vary in size, style, design and in price. Some are made for specific brands of cell phones while others are universal and can be used with any number of cell phones. Before you buy it is important that you understand exactly what it is you want your headset to do.

The traditional cell phone headset looks like a pair of earphones with a microphone attached to it. The earphones are placed inside of the ear with the microphone easily adjustable to fit your style.

Another popular type of cell phone headset is one that features just one earphone. They come with a clip that attaches to the ear and serves as the microphone. Many people say that this particular style of headset provides a more quality and clear conversation while you are on the phone.

The wireless headset is one of the latest designs offered. Most of the wireless headsets operate on Bluetooth technology so there is no need to connect the cell phone to the headset. There are numerous styles and designs of wireless headsets, including clipped and one- ear headsets. The microphone in the wireless headsets is found in the earpiece, as with the one-ear headsets.

 Choosing your Cell Phone Headset

When you’ve decided the type of headset that you would like to own it is time to look at the features that headset should offer to you. Taking the time to look for a cell phone headset that meets all of your needs will ensure an enjoyable experience is yours.

First, take a look at the microphone. A quality microphone is essential if you want the crystal clear conversation so many speak about. The microphone in the headset should offer noise-blocking features so that you can easily hear even in noisy environments. Boom microphones are often preferred as they offer the best sound and performance.

Is the headset comfortable? Buying a headset that isn’t lightweight and snug may cause you more hassle than you want to deal with. Your headset should be designed so that you forget that it is even on your head!

Battery life of the headset is another important consideration that you want to make. The headset isn’t very good if you have to stop and charge it many times during the day. You should be able to get between3 and 10 hours of talk time and battery life with a good headset. A lithium-ion battery should be included in your headset.

Finally, consider the technology that is offered. These days it seems there is something new and improved coming out regularly, offering cell phone users so much more than ever before. Your cell phone headset help provide conversation with those you want to talk to, but can also help deliver music, ringtones and so much more. Does  the cell phone headset you’ve chosen offer these extras?

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