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Why you need a Car Holder for your Cell Phone

Why you need a Car Holder for your Cell Phone

These days everyone has a cell phone. For many they’re the only phone they have. Life would be so much different without the luxuries cell phones now provide us at the palm of our hand, and many would be devastated without their phone. As important as that cell phone is, keeping it protected at all times is essential. A cell phone car holder is one way that your cell phone can stay protected while in your vehicle, while also allowing you to talk on your phone hands-free.

Why Purchase a Car Holder?

A car hold is a small device that is installed inside of your car. It secures a cell phone in one specific location. Typically the car holders are placed in areas where an individual needs his hands for something else, usually driving. Some of the fabulous advantages to having a car holder for your cell phone include:

  • You can use your cellular phone hands free. This prevents distractions on the road, such as reaching for your cell phone.
  • If you play music through your cell phone a car holder is a neat accessory to have. You can easily change the radio station, playlist or song with the push of a button when the cell is connected via Bluetooth.
  • Your cell phone can instantly transform boring car time into fun time. Turn your car holder to landscape mode and play a movie on your smartphone. Any movie they want to see is fine.
  • With a car holder in place you can hear the party you are speaking with more clearly. A couple of taps and the holder can be placed on speaker, no need to take your hands off the steering wheel. An advanced feature of some car holders is sound amplification.
  • Can be compatible with other devices.
  • Can be used as a cell phone charger if the right car holder is chosen.

As you can see there are some exciting possibilities with a car holder in your life. If you do not already own one of these handy devices now is the time to make that purchase!

Types of Car Holders available

There are many different choices in car holders available to you. These mounts are classified by the method in which they are installed.

Dashboard Mount- Dashboard mounted holders are composed of two pieces. There are many variations of the dashboard mounted holder, including those with arms that allow the holder to swivel as well as those that attach with a suction cup and those that use adhesive stickers.

Vent Mount- This type of car holder is attached to the air conditioning vent inside of the car. Most have arms that allow the holder to be turned to the desired location.

Windshield Mount- Windshield car holders attach with suction cups on the windshield of the car. Tubes are offered on the holder so that it can be turned in various positions.

Cigarette lighter Mounts- The final type of car holder available is the cigarette lighter mount. This holder is plugged into the lighter ports inside of the vehicle. They come with a flexible neck that allows it to bend in to the desired position.

How to Buy a Car Holder

Certain states have regulations in place regarding where car holders can and cannot be placed. Check with your state before purchasing to ensure that you are following all rules.

There are a few things that you should look for in a car holder before you make that purchase.

  • What brand is the holder? Choosing a name-brand device can provide you with far greater quality and more features than one that is not name-brand.
  • How much does it cost? Purchasing a car holder for your vehicle need not cost you an arm and a leg. Ensure that you compare prices to find the best deals on the car holder you desire.
  • Is it compatible with your phone? It is important that you choose the holder designed for your specific type of phone. Whether a universal holder or a name-brand, it must be equipped to handle your phone.

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