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Understanding Cell Phone Batteries

Cell phone batteries are needed in order to use your phone. When you purchase a cell phone it includes a battery, however as they say, nothing lasts forever and eventually you will need to replace that battery with a new one. If you are concerned that it may be time to replace the battery in your cell phone, read on!

Understanding a Cell Phone Battery

The typical cell phone battery lasts a lifespan of 1 to 2 years or 300 to 500 charging cycles, though people who use their phone consistently will see a shorter lifespan of only about one year to one and one-half years. There are a number of things that you can do to expand the lifetime of your battery and ensure that you are getting the longest possible use out of it. Here are a few tips to increase the life of your battery.

Types of Cell Phone Batteries

Several types of batteries exist and can be featured in your phone as well as for sale when it is time for a new battery. Take a look at a few of the most common types of battery you may find powering your phone.

Lithium Ion

Most advanced cell phones are equipped with lithium ion batteries. These lightweight batteries charge quickly and are the perfect companion for those who travel frequently or use their cell phone a lot. The batteries can be expensive.

Lithium Polymer

This particular battery is highly advanced in its technologies, offering a longer lifespan as well as better capabilities to charge for longer periods of time. A lithium polymer battery requires that a DC charger be used. It is one of the most expensive of the batteries available for a cell phone, as well as the most expensive.

Nickel Cadmium

This type of battery is the most expensive battery on the market. They perform well in all aspects and charge quickly, though they must be fully discharged in order to hold a charge. On the downside this type of battery is not environment friendly.

Nickel metal Hydride

These batteries are similar to nickel cadmium but are friendlier to the environment. Additionally these batteries are a little less expensive than Nickel cadmium batteries and do not require that you discharge them before charging.

Tips for a Longer- Lasting Battery

The best way to ensure that your battery lasts as long, or longer, that it should you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the battery. Inside of this guide you will learn all that is needed to maintain the life of your battery. Additionally you can:

  • Charge your cell phone every other day or every three days. Doing this will increase the life expectancy of your cell phone an additional one year or so in addition to the original life expectancy.
  • Never allow your battery (or phone for that matter) sit in extreme weather conditions, whether it be hot or cold. When your battery is exposed to such elements it greatly decreases the ability to hold a charge, making it useless. Keep your battery warm!
  • Take vibrate off your ring! The extra vibration can quickly drain the battery and chances are you’ll hear it ring or the screen light up first!
  • Turn off the back light as well, or at least set it to the lowest possible seconds. As long as you are pushing buttons you’ll have the light that you need and can avoid draining your battery.
  • Before using a new battery for the first time, ensure that it is fully charged. Depending on the type of battery you have chosen this process could take between 5 hours and 16 hours.
  • Once per month remove the battery from your phone for one hour. This breathing time refreshes the battery and allows for maximum power and strength.

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