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Buying Guide: Speakers and Docks

Buying Speakers and Docks

Let’s face it. Your laptop makes music and videos sound like you’re watching inside of a tunnel with the computer half a mile away from you. In order to get sound that you can groove to, purchasing speakers is a likely task you will need to tackle. And not only will you need to buy speakers for your laptop but many of those other state-of-the-art devices you enjoy, like the iPad, a tablet and even your cell phone. Luckily the state-of-the-art technology that has given us all of these out of the world devices didn’t forget to help us make it sound great. Speakers are available to conquer the best sound out of all of your devices. Cellular phones even have an accessory known as a cell phone audio dock that can help you listen to music throughout the home. Purchasing a set of speakers for your device, whether cell phone, tablet or laptop, should be done only once you are confident in the ability to purchase those that will provide you with quality, durability and compatibility.

You’re on a Mission to Buy the best Speakers

Your mission in purchasing speakers or a dock for your cell phone is to find something that accommodates your budget while delivering high-quality sounds to your favorite devices. Testing the speakers or dock out before purchase is always a good idea, and if this option is unavailable, asking others who have used the speakers to rate the sound quality is a must. The Internet is an excellent source of information concerning speakers. Tons and tons of reviews are available on most any brand of speakers you could want, offering first-hand results from those who know the best.

You will need to also determine the primary use of the speakers before you buy. While many speakers are multi-purpose, knowing what you will use the speakers with primarily will help you find speakers that work best for that particular device. Additionally the speakers may not be compatible with all devices, so you need to know what you will use them for to ensure you get something that will work for your needs.

Design is something greatly varied when it comes to speakers and cell phone audio docks. Some are designed to be purely functional while others offer cool and stylish designs and colors to accommodate your personality. Decide what you want to help narrow down the selection.

All speakers are labeled “stereo,” “surround,” or “2.1.” There is a big difference in each of these speaker types. Stereo speakers consist of a left and right speaker. A surround sound speaker is actually a set of four to five speakers with a subwoofer and the 2.1 speakers have a subwoofer. In most circumstances speakers sound better when they have a subwoofer with them. This is not always true, however, as many quality speakers without subwoofers are perfect for laptops, desktops and other devices.

Other considerations to make when you are buying speakers for your device include:

  • Can the speakers work with other devices as well?
  • Are there bass and treble controls on the speakers?
  • Is there a remote control?
  • Is there a warranty?

A good pair of speakers can cost hundreds of dollars, though there are many quality speakers available for much less. Expect to pay in the range of $40 and $100 if you want to listen to your devices with tip-top sound in tact.


Cell Phone Audio Decks: How to Buy

If you’re buying a cell phone dock, consider the following:

  • Is there an option of a dock that plugs into an electrical outlet? These docks provide the chance to listen to your favorite tunes while also charging your phone! A bonus sure to be loved by all cell phone users!
  • Is the dock compatible with your cell phone? There are universal docks as well as those designed for only specific types of phones. Choose wisely so you’re not wasting money with a dock that won’t hold your cell phone.
  • What features does the dock offer? Some docks simply play music while others can do far more. Special features you may enjoy having in your dock include an alarm clock and charging features.
  • Is the dock wired or wireless? Of course most people choose wireless for its convience. They allow greater portability and freedom, though they often fail to produce the same sound quality as a wired device.
  • What size is the dock? There are small and large docks. If you want to expand your music into larger spaces the larger docks are the choice to make. Most of the larger docks come with remotes as well.
  • Sound quality is always important. Again, take  a sneak sound if it is possible. If not look for a dock that is highly recommended for its high-quality sounds.


Cell phone docks can be purchased wherever cell phone and electronics accessories are sold at various costs. They are affordable for most budgets, with the ability to purchase a quality dock for around $30 to $60.

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