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Bluetooth Headset Buying Guide

A Bluetooth device makes it possible to talk on your cell phone even while driving your vehicle. Without using your hands you can concentrate on the road and the task at hand while never missing an important phone call. Along with providing hands-free talk, many Bluetooth headsets offer additional features such as the ability to play music. If you are someone who spends a lot of time behind the wheel and on the phone, purchasing a Bluetooth headset could be a great decision.

Along with Bluetooth headsets designed for use with your cellular device, many headsets are available for your other devices, too, including the iPod and iPad

How to Buy a Bluetooth Headset

There are many different Bluetooth headsets available for you to choose from these days. It is essential that you take the time to ensure that you are buying a quality headset that will not disappoint you. There is nothing worse than finding yourself unable to enjoy hands-free talk thanks to a bad Bluetooth headset, and if you are unaware of how to buy a Bluetooth headset this could very well be the scenario in your life.

It takes just a bit of time and research to prepare yourself to buy a Bluetooth headset that will provide you with mounds of pleasure for a long time ahead. Ensure that you set this time aside to choose a quality headset that meets your needs.

First, decide how you will use your Bluetooth. There are so many different shapes, styles and designs of Bluetooth headsets available these days one can easily find something to accommodate most any place they plan to use the cell phone, including in the car and noisy work areas.

Next determine what you want in your Bluetooth. Not all offer music and other  features so if these things are important to you, ensure that the device you choose provides it to you.

Finally determine a budget for your Bluetooth. With a few comparisons you can easily find the best price for the headset that you choose. Furthermore you can always expect most Bluetooth headsets to be affordable for any budget. 

Types of Bluetooth Headsets

The types of headsets that are available are designed to give everyone a style and feel that flatters them. There is no style better than the other. You should choose the Bluetooth headset style that is most comfortable to you. The choices in Bluetooth headsets include:

  • Over-the-ear Bluetooth headsets            
  • In-Ear Bluetooth Headsets
  • Specialty Bluetooth Headsets

Over-the-ear headsets are popular.  These Bluetooth headsets hook around your ear. Many different models of the over-the-ear headsets are available, some that go over the left ear, others that go over the right. These Bluetooth headsets are typically more comfortable than thosethat are placed in-ear and allow more freedom as well. 

In-ear Bluetooth headsets fit inside of the ear canal, similar to an earplug. They fit snugly inside of the ear and are easily disguisable. Some people site a bit of discomfort when using this particular style of headset, though others prefer it to an over-the-ear model.

Specialty headsets are designed to work with other Bluetooth devices such as the Bluetooth stereo headphones and the Bluetooth sunglasses.

Qualities of a good Bluetooth Headset

There are so many variations of the Bluetooth anyone and everyone can easily find a set that matches their style and personality. However, choosing the Bluetooth headset should look deeper than simply the design of the device and consider the important features that make the Bluetooth worth the while. Here are a few of the features you should look for when purchasing a Bluetooth headset.

-          Boom Microphone

A Boom Microphone extends toward your mouth so the other party on the line can hear what you are saying clearly. If clarity is an important part of your conversation ensure that you have a Boom Microphone. 

-          Compact Design

If you don’t like the style of the Boom Microphone, a compact Bluetooth headset will suit your needs. The compact Bluetooth headsets are usually those with the most style.

-          Caller ID Display

It is totally cool to have caller ID display right on your headset. It is perfect for those occasions when you aren’t close to the cell phone but still want to know who is calling you.

-          USB Adaptor

A good headset will come equipped with an USB adaptor that makes it easy to transfer files from your computer to cell phone and vice versa, as well as create a connection to the Internet.

-          Is a Protective Pouch Included? 

Many of the Bluetooth headsets available today come with a protective pouch, but if there is not one with the device you purchase, it is a good idea to make this purchase. Your Bluetooth is small and could easily be damaged if it is not protected when not in use. The protective pouch ensures it is always safe from damage.

-        Battery Life

The rule of thumb is to buy a larger headset if you do not want to spend much of your time charging the headset. Some chargers have the capability of charging your device for up to 10 hours though the average headset offers a battery life of about 4 to 6 hours. Beware, however, that some chargers (even the expensive choices) may offer as little as 2 hours of battery life.

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