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BlackBerry Q10 Question and Answer 

Q: What is your first impression of this phone?

A: The all new QWERTY keyboard. Separated by metal frets, the new keyboard looks incredibly stylish and is undeniably BlackBerry. The metal frets are an interesting feel for experienced BlackBerry users, but grow to become a good landmark to help you along as you get used to the new keyboard.


Q: How does the battery hold up?

A: The Q10 features a 2100mAh battery, easily pushing your phone through the day and then some.


Q: What are some top apps for the BlackBerry Q10?

A: Skype truly excels on the Q10. Allowing you to connect no matter what device you are contacting, this video-calling service is an essential. WhatsApp is the latest messenger service taking off on mobile phones. Send just about anything to just about anybody using this wonderful app. Last but not least, how can you bypass Angry Birds Star Wars. Of course, staples like BBM are also recommended. 


Q: What operating system comes standard with the BlackBerry Q10?

A: The all new BlackBerry 10 OS.


Q: How does this phone stack up to other devices?

A: The top QWERTY phone on the market. Those who are BlackBerry fanatics will need to look no further.