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Analyst Studies

Located on this page is a compilation of Analyst Studies we've collected over time.

iPad for Business Survey 2012

The iPad and other tablets a like have been a revolutionary devices for businesses. Check out this survey to see where the tablet market is heading.

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iPad Two Years in Review 2012

A comprehensive study of the iPad market over the last 2 years. How has it changed the market? What should we expect in the future? These are only a few of the questions that will be answered if your download this study.

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App Stores - 2011 Review

Analyst's look at all the popular app stores and compare them. Who is the winner for the most downloads? Most sales? Where is the market heading? Just a few of the many questions this detailed report will answer.

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The Amazon Appstore: Show Me the Money

In depth study that covers the Amazon App store and Android app store. How do the two compare? We've got the details right here.

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The impact of app discounts and the impact of being a featured app

This document shows the difference of discounting an app versus having a featured app. What is the impact in sales or downloads?

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Windows 7 Phone Marketplace One Year Later

We've been hearing a lot about the iPhone and Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. But what about Windows Phone devices? We've got a study that breaks down how well Windows Phone has been doing, and what trends we should expect to see.

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IT in the Toilet Study

Many people bring their mobile devices into the bathroom, consult this study to find out how many and the effects.

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Cisco Mobile Traffic Analysis

Where are we heading as far as mobile traffic consumption? With the amount of mobile devices soaring, what sort of trends should we see as far as mobile internet consumption? To find out download this study.

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Tablets Demand by Morgan Stanley

Tablet sales are sky rocketing and Morgan Stanley has put together a comprehensive study informing us where the tablet market is heading.

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2011 Canadian Consumer Report

How are Canadian consumers behaving in the smartphone market? We've got a 100 page report that explains it all.

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